Waiting.... sigh!
Waiting.... sigh!

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Okay so we have been engaged for almost 2 months, not long, but I'm starting to feel a bit of pressure. Its been a challenge finding a location that offers an outside ceremony site and reception location that doesnt cost an arm and a leg, and accomodates a large amount of people. We would like to be married by next September, but we still dont have a place and therefore can't start all the detailed planning (which I LOVE!). Just curious how long it took you guys to find a place after you got engaged??

*oh and does anyone know of an affordable place in the southern California region???
heavensbest's Purple wedding
 |  Murrysville, PA, USA  |  11/12/2008  | 
I have been engaged since March and our date is in October. We have been looking and found one we like. Between the money  (deposit) and we had some other issues we have not made a commitment to one. Our plan is to have it booked no later than January.
meadowcroft14's Green wedding
 |  Madison, WI, USA  |  11/12/2008  | 
We started looking for sites about 9 months post engagement. I thought I had found the right place at that point, and we were thinking with going with that for about 9-12 months post engagement, but then I realized I really didn't want that, so I started looking really hard about a year after the engagement. From there it look me 3 months to find and book our ceremony site, and another month or so after that to find the reception site.

I know what you mean about not being able to plan anything until you find the sites. Everything relies on the feel and the colors of the sites you choose, so flowers and decorations can't really be  thought about until thats pinned down. You'll find something though, just keep scouring the internet!
irishpocahontas's Purple wedding
 |  Cork, Cork, Ireland  |  11/12/2008  | 
I knew I wanted a destination wedding so we looked online at lots of places and found the place straight away. If you are getting married for def in a specific location then you need to go online, ring around all the suitable locations and figure out what they have to offer. If there are any bridal shows on in your area - go as here is where all the businesses you need will be under one roof vying for your attention and they will have all the info you need with them there and then.
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