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pillowpinkfeatherbouquetpearlrhinestonenecklace2caketopperPink Market Place Wedding Stuff For Sale!!dress4Pink Market Place Wedding Stuff For Sale!!pearlrhinestonenecklacePink Market Place Wedding Stuff For Sale!!veilPink Market Place Wedding Stuff For Sale!!featherpenBridesmaidhairclips02Pink Market Place Wedding Stuff For Sale!!Pink Market Place Wedding Stuff For Sale!!Pink Market Place Wedding Stuff For Sale!!Pink Market Place Wedding Stuff For Sale!!Pink Market Place Wedding Stuff For Sale!!Pink Market Place Wedding Stuff For Sale!!Pink Market Place Wedding Stuff For Sale!!
Market Place
Wedding Stuff For Sale!!
I have quite a few items I want to get rid of and put it into another bride's hands. If you're on a budget or not, I'm selling a few of my DIY items, some dresses, & some other stuff that I wasn't able to use for my DIY projects.

Please help me get them off of my hands. I feel terrible that these dresses are hanging up in my closet but I'm not able to wear these on my wedding day because I already found the one dress for me to wear.

I also have feather bouquets that I made and I made a bit too much. So I'm trying to get rid some of them as well.

For some photos of the items:

Here are some items:

Feather bouquets (I have a few colors, I have Hot pink/light pink/white/blue rose bouquets)

Wedding Dresses (I have like 4 to get rid of, I know I went crazy)

Bridesmaid Dresses (I have 2)

Flower Hair Clips

Pearl Rhinestone Multi Layered Necklace & Bracelet

Monogram Cake Toppers

A Pair of White Peep Toe Heels Size 5.5 (It's a plain pair of white heels, I bought these so I can add some crystals bling to it myself but I'm just running out of time to make em)

Another Pair of White Heels With Rhinestones & White flower Size 5.5(It was a DIY project, but I end up not wanting to wear these for the wedding)

Ivory Ring Bearer Pillow

Rhinestone Veil Elbow Length

Pearl Rhinestone Necklace

White Guest Pen with Ostrich Feather (It was a DIY project but never gotten to it)


PM with any offers or questions :)

Thanks you!!
WBL Photos03
WBL Photos03
WBL Photos02
WBL Photos01
WBL Photos04
WBL Photos03WBL Photos02WBL Photos01WBL Photos04
DIY Wedding
My Water Bottle Labels.. Completed!
Hey WBC Brides!

My water bottle labels are finally done! Now I just have to purchase more water bottles and stick them on! :)

What do you think ladies?? Does it look okay? My FI wants to add more colors to the designs but that means more work. Lol

Oh, and sorry, it's hard to see the true beauty of these labels on the bottles. My camera flash is pretty bright.
water bottle DIY labels
water bottle DIY labels
DIY Wedding
My Water Bottle Labels!!
Hey WBC brides!!

After research, after research.....I finally decided to do another DIY project. I couldn't help it! These water bottle labels idea is too awesome to pass up! So I've decided to make myself labels for my water bottles for the wedding. :)

Also, I just purchased some of those waterproof / weatherproof labels from I can't wait for them to come so I can start printing them out and putting them onto the bottles.

So here they are, my water bottle labels. I think they came out pretty good. :) I'm still working on a few more, please do tell me ladies what you think!?
wedding programs pics2
wedding programs pics2
wedding programs pics4
wedding programs pics3
wedding programs pics2wedding programs pics4wedding programs pics3
DIY Wedding
Wedding Programs, HELP!
So finally here is my DIY layered wedding programs!!

This is my 1st attempt in making them. I love the result, although, I need your help WB brides!! I am having trouble trying to find the "Right" paper for this project. After doing a few researches, I tried vellum paper. Then I just practiced it by putting regular computer paper behind the vellum paper. (the photos I posted). The result of the paper, is a total No No. So please help me WB brides and find the right paper for this project! :) Thank you!!

PS...does cardstock actually work?? Isn't the paper too thick or no?? Sorry ladies, I'm still trying to figure it out. :0
Market Place
Wedding Dress for SALE
Hi ladies, I have a wedding gown for sale at size 2. It's a brand new dress. It has embroidery beading below the chest area. Style is A-Line, Sweetheart dress. The back is lace-up.

Offer price is $209.99 + shipping cost or Best Offer. Please let me know if you're interested. :) I also have another gown for sale. It's a Maggie Sottero inspired wedding gown at size 2 as well. Same price or best offer.

If you're interested, just leave me a comment & I'll send you some more photos & info about the dress. Thank you!
hotpinkrosebouquetPink Wedding Flowers My Etsy Shop :) SALE!Pink Wedding Flowers My Etsy Shop :) SALE!whitebouquet
Wedding Flowers
My Etsy Shop :) SALE!
Please check out my etsy shop! I have tons of wedding bouquets & dresses for sale at great prices! If you are on a budget, please let me know, we can always work something out. Any reasonable offers will be considered. :)

About Me:

A full time mommy, part-time job, & a full time crafts maker, I fully enjoy staying at home to make these beautiful creations. It includes wedding bouquets & bridal dresses. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did making them. I can make your wedding colors if you are interested.

My Etsy Shop:
161 Days To Go!
Just checking in to say there's 161 days left to go! :) Half way there!
Wedding Flowers
Centerpieces & Flowers
Advices, comments, suggestions, anything...Please let me know what you ladies think?? Thank youu!! :)

Should I make any changes?? If so, any ideas would help!

Real flowers or silk flowers??
stress out
stress out
stress outcenterpiecescenterpieces
Wedding Planning
Reception Centerpieces & Flowers
So I was talking to my wedding planner whom is my older sister about wedding centerpieces & flowers. So it is about past 3 months ago I was pretty laidback & relaxed about this wedding issue until this came up again because my wedding planner was gone for 3 months so I was working on this alone & trying to come up with ideas & play with those ideas as the days go.

So here is the thing...

I am on a budget and I'm the kind of gal who loves to do DIY projects because i love everything about arts & crafts. So I came up with this idea after tons of researching and playing around with flowers & feathers, etc. to finally come up with this idea.

My idea for the centerpieces are.....

A ball of hot pink, light pink rose bouquet with white feathers. I surrounded some light blue / turquoise color feathers around the pink roses. A clear 10" cyclinder vase with pink water pearls & a LED submersible floralyte inside the vase for the extra glow for a elegant & romance look.

So I posted up a photo of the centerpieces I came up with...

Please let me know ladies what you think of my centerpieces. My wedding planner thinks I should go for real roses/flowers. As for me, I don't really mind if it's real or silk. As long as it come out beautiful and the way I'm hoping it to turn out to be. The advantage thing about silk flowers is that it does save a lot and I say it looks absolutely beautiful. :)

If you have any advices, suggestions, will really help! Thank youuu ladies!!
Wedding Checklist
Helpful link:

Am I missing anything else ladies???

Choose Wedding Venue (done)
Pay The Last Half of the Venue in September
Guest List – Bride’s List (done) Groom’s List
Theme Colors – Hot pink, Baby Blue, White (done)
Choose Wedding Party (done)
Design & Print Invitations
Send out Invitations
Work on & Complete Info on Wedding Website
Book Wedding Officiant (done booked on 05/03/11)
Book Photographer (done)
Book D.J. (done)
Book Videographer (done)
Wedding Dress (2) Done
Purchase Reception Dress (2)
Purchase Veil (done)
Groom Tux / Suit
Choose & Pay Bridesmaid Dress
Choose & Pay Groomsmen Tux
DIY Hair Accessories (Done)
Wedding Jewelry
Purchase Petticoat (Done)
Purchase Shoes (2) (Done)
Wedding Favors (done)
Guest book & Guest Pen (done)
Gift Card Box (done)
Choose Caterer & Pick Menu
Select Cake Designer – Pick Cake Design
Select and Design Wedding Rings
Design & Purchase Reception Centerpieces
Choose Wedding Flowers – Decorations – Bridal Bouquet – BM Bouquets
Groom & GM Boutonnieres
Create Seating Chart
Apply for & Pick Up Wedding License
Flower Girls Petals & Basket
Purchase & Design Ring Bearer Pillow
Personalized Napkins for Cake & Food Tables
Sign Holders, Table Numbers for Guest Tables
Design/Décor for Bride & Groom Table
Purchase & Design Parasols
Design Programs
Book Hair Stylist
Book Makeup Artist
Cupcake Design & Cupcake Topper
(1st Attempt Design- Flowers)
(2nd Attempt Design- Glitter Pom Pom)
Server Set & Champagne Toasting Flutes
Design Toasting Flutes
Purchase Decorations for Ceremony
Choose Ceremony Music
First Dance Song (Bride & Groom)
DIY Wedding Coloring Book
Create a Children’s Activity Area
Purchase & Design BM Gifts
Purchase & Design GM Gifts
Bathrooms Emergency Kits
Bride, BM, GM Emergency Kits
Choose B & G Signature Drinks
Buy Wine for Reception Tables ( 1 wine per table)
Linen & Table Cloths for Reception Tables
Purchase Aisle Runner
Purchase Cupcake Stand
Purchase White Styrofoam
(Design Fake Cake with White Fondant)
Garter Set (Done)
Print Reception Signs & Chair Signs
Make & Design Labels for Wine, Etc
Engagement Pictures
Choose Vows – Bride & Groom
Beer Buffet Items – Plant pots, alcohol
Candy Buffet – Purchase Candy, Jars, Etc
Pick Nails Design
Pick Perfume Scent
Purchase Miscellaneous Items
Organize & Conduct 1st Bridal Party
Bridal Shower
Rehearsal Dinner
Garter Toss
Bouquet Throw
Best Man Speech
Maid of Honor Speech
Bridal Clutch


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My wedding colors will be hot pink, blue, & white. I'm going for a winter wonderland theme with hot pink in it. My wedding will take place at a garden. It's absolutely beautiful!
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