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my love
my love
Problems, problems, problems
So much is going on
Ok, ladies so much has been going on. It’s like every since I started planning a wedding all kind of obstacles has been in my paths and every time I cross one there is another one already waiting.

Ok so as I stated a few post back FH and I moved to SC to save money. So after moving their we realized we were spending more than saving we had been spending out of what little we did have saved up and was making enough to replace it. Last summer when we were in Miami, I applied for HUD and they actually called me. I applied for HUD when I was eighteen when I had my son and was never called he is ten now. Well in March they called me and I was overwhelmed because FH and I wanted so desperately to move back home. March 30 we moved back. We planned that FH would get a job and take care of the family until the summer was over than I would find a job. We didn’t want to have to find a baby sitter and I had to get the kids back in school and get shot papers transferred you know the nine yards. The kids stayed in SC with my mom until school got out which was Friday. My dad will be bringing them down for me they should be here Thursday. Yeay. I miss my babies’ soooooooooo much.

So here goes, two weeks later FH finds a job great right (so I thought). He works a full week get a nice pay check and we are happy. FH put his car in the shop to get fixed from what I post in the past about the highway accident. Anyways, the next week the company says they are waiting for a permit to go through so he’s on call. It is a small company. He gets called a month later, and hasn’t had a full week again yet.

Ok so we went to a marriage counselor. FH felt we didn’t need one because he have been together so long and already been through so much we didn’t need anyone’s opinion on getting married, I told him he was right but it would be fun to know what it was like and see how we view each other in a professional eyes. It went great. She said she loved our energy towards each other and that she felt we would have a great live together. She said she loved the way we looked at each other and that she could tell just by meeting us that we were in love it all over us. I was so Happy. She said we knew each other very well and that we both wanted to accommodate the other and if we tried to stay this way we should have no problems. She said it was cute that we weren’t already married and had been together so long and still act as if we were just starting out. HAPPY! HAPPY!

Moving on, around the second week in May FH gets a piece of wood stuck in his leg and I have to take him to the ER to get it cut out. I was giving a washer and dryer when I moved back home. The washer is hooked up, but we need a plug for the dryer. I had washed clothes and FH was going to the dryer to dry them, I called him b back in the room to give me a kiss before he left and rubber his leg on the bed frame and a piece of wood went in. Not a splinter, a thick piece. Real quick the bed story. FH decided to surprise me and buy us a bedroom set from a store that was going out of business. The set is nice; however the bed frame is for a full sixe instead of a queen. The mattress is suppose to sit in the frame it’s a platform, but since it’s to small the mattress fits the frame and just sits on it instead of in it. FH told me all sales were final since the store was closing and if we kept the bed skirt on the frame we would be ok because the mattress was wearing the frame down. At the time there was no bed skirt on the bed. Ok so they cut the wood out and leave the wound open the doctor say he wanted the infections to leak out so he didn’t give him a stitch.

The next week FH goes out and his boy picks him up. The next day FH is taking him his car and get in a fatal accident. A lady hits a couple motorcycle and both the car and motorcycle hits FH. All vehicles are totaled. The couple on the motorcycle bodies flies over FH and he go into shock. They were rushed off to the hospital, the lady died and the man was in critical condition, FH had to be taken to the hospital as well because his entire right side was numb. The lady that caused the accident didn’t have any scratches on her. (No she wasn’t drunk). FH ghetto as friend comes up to the scene and acts a fool about his car. He and FH haven’t been hanging since. He feels FH owes him a car. He had insurance on the car it is a 1984 Buick. He paid $600 for it and the insurance company is giving him $500 for it. He is not satisfied with that. He said he is holding FH liable. I asked him what he was going to do sue us. FH bluntly said you told me to drop you off home becuz you were to FU’p to drive and I did. You called me and said dam can a nigga get they car back so I got up to return yo car and I was hit, I don’t owe you nothing. Anyways FH has been going to therapy because he had surgery on his right shoulder and the accident caused some complications, he cannot life anything heavy. He is a gas technician and when he do go to work would have to lift heavy things.

So no work no money and FH car is in the shop. I start to job search and tell FH he will have to get the kids situated when school start once I find a job. Tuesday, I get a call from a company called Provest. They give me a phone interview and explain the hiring process. The next day I go a test, the next day I get another phone interview the next day I go back in for a live face to face interview, then I had to do a panel interview, they offer me the job and I accept. I start June 8. I am so excited. I had to be at the office ten in the morning I left two that after noon and had to go take a drug test. When I was done with everything I check my voicemail on my ride home and get a message from the park where my wedding is suppose to take place and the manager says the clerk booked two events on the same day and since they can’t tell who booked first they were canceling both and we could get a full refund. So now all my happiness is out the dam window and I begin to cry. I go to the park and the manager tells me the same thing. I explained to the manager, I had been having contact with the clerk since my last wedding date of July, and changed it in January. I told her I explained to the clerk we didn’t have the funds to still have the wedding in July and I wanted to know the earliest date in 2010. She put me on hold and came back and said January 1, 2010 was available. So we rebooked. The manager said she had no choice but to cancel both events because there was no way of knowing who booked first. I couldn’t do nothing but cry I sat there crying for about 30 minutes. The manager said she can book me for another date and told me the earliest open date she had was September. I asked for my money and left. When I got home I told FH we could go to the court house before it closed and got married and the hell with everything. FH told me to calm down and think and that I could find another place, and reminded me we didn’t have the $80 to go to the courthouse to get married.

So now I am in the hunt of searching again for a vendor. I don’t know if the date would have to change or if I would get lucky and find a reasonable priced place on new years again. Monday, I will be out looking. I am back at square one. All weekend I was upset, but today I woke up with a different attitude. I have a job now and I can start back buying things I will be getting paid once a week, so that a major plus for me. I have to get FH car out the shop first but after those things should begin to fall in place.

I stopped posting things on my page because I had not been able to buy anything. I have all my thoughts I just need to start buying things to progress. I have already made my utility closet the wedding closet. My dad actually called today while typing this and said every month he will send me some money to put towards the wedding so yea.
Oh and on top of that I told my fried who is also a maid that I was making plans on hiring Rhonda as my mini caterer and she flipped on me. Now a few weeks ago she told me she was going to be overwhelmed with me wedding because she was cooking and she was in the wedding and so are her two boys, I asked if she wanted me to pull one of them out she said NO. I asked what she wanted me to do to make it lighter on her she said to find someone to help her cook. So I did. Then the other day I commented on Rhonda’s and she is willing so I told my friend and OMG. I told her I thought I was doing her a favor and she became upset. So I assured her she could keep her catering position.

Oh wait I forgot about me. Two weeks ago FH and I go to the beach because I tell him he need to get in that salt water and when we left my back starts hurting, no big deal to me because I have scoliosis and my back tends to hurt now and then. After letting it hurt for a few days I woke up one morning stiff as hell and couldn’t do anything because FH had left to go to therapy. I was in so much pain I began to cry I forced myself up and cleaned myself up and put on clothes when FH got home I told him I needed to go to the ER. We went and they took me right in did x-rays and said I had arthritis in the back and a dis located disc. I explained to the doctor that I hadn’t lift anything or did anything to trigger the pain. I told him I had started walking and jumping rope and we went to the beach Sunday and that’s when my back started hurting, he said walking on the beach was enough to trigger the pain and so was something as simple as jumping rope.

Anyways ladies that’s my update. Even though I haven’t been posting to my post I have been reading others and posting to theirs. Oh yea I enrolled back in school in January, I go to Everest online, and this semester has been hectic.

Thanks for the ear, or should I say eyes. LOL, I love you gals.
Pink Ask a Question renewal of vows
Ask a Question
renewal of vows
Ladies who are already married I need your help. My FH wants to go to the court house and get married and says I caould still plan the wedding of my dreams for the following year or so. The problems with me is i don't think it will have the same affect. We have been together so long and have been through so much, I want to see that tear when i first walk down the isle with him thiunking it's finally happening, and i want to feel those butterflies of being excited and nervious. I also want it to be something we chare with our families.

I could be think about this all wrong, if I am please let me know. i really want a big wedding the first time around.

I am so confused now because i don't know if he is only saying this because he's saying this wedding stuff is taking a lot and he's being a m ale and wanting to get it over. On the other hand he is really getting into it he put in his input on everyting now even somethings i don't want his input on, and he's looking at wedding shows with me.

Maybe it's me, I have the type of family once they know you are married they are not going to make plans to travel out of town to a wedding.

My head is going in circles Ladies please help me! SERIOUSLY
Ask a Question
Where can I find disposable wine glasses
Ladies, I've been to, too many stores looking for disposable wine classes that look real and not plastic. I have seen some but they look plastic I really want to go with a more real look.

Please help!
Ask a Question
has anyone brought from
I wqas checking my yahoo and on the side it has this big pretty rings saying never pay expensive prices, so I click on it to see what was going on and it went to this online auction site that has everything. If this is forreal i can order the entire bridal party gifts from her. So I decided to ask you wonderful ladies if any of you have every used this site before and what your experience.

Thanks ladies
Ask a Question
Ladies I need you help Please!
I made up a few corney poems to ask my girls to be in the wedding and I need help on which one to pick. I have asked everyone on the phone I have only been able to ask my cousin who live up here with me in person so I wanted to send my girl e-grams

I need you help picking one. If something is worded wrong please do advise. I can take it :)

# 1 Through the rain and the shine, the off and on again weddings
We have finally made up our mind, and I would love for you to stand by my side
Will you be my__?

# 2 We’ve always had each other backs, Now I want you on my side
Will you be my__?

$ 3 Sisters through Christ
Sisters through love
Sisters even when you are not so nice
We’re even sisters in a raid
Will you be my bridesmaid?

# 4 I have him, I have the dress
I am going through all the mess
All I need is you to add to the stress
Will you be my __?

# 5 Got the groom and we’re jumping the Broom
I’ve set the date and would really hate
For you not to be by my side
So jump aboard and take this ride
Will you be my__?
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batroom baskets
So I found these bowls and thought about using them for the bathroom baskets, what do you ladies think. I am tring to have something that fit in the underwater treasure theme. If not these bowls any suggestions?
Ask a Question
Anyone need baskets?
I was on oriental and saw these baskets you get a dozen for 5.99 I thought I would share with you ladies. I thought of them for out of town baskets or bathroom baskets, however they do not come in my wedding colors.
denim wedding dress
denim wedding dress
Ask a Question
non traditional wedding dress
What have you ladies been considering, traditional white or ivory or non traditional, sexy, or colored?

I did a post in the past about my dress and the maker haven't started making it yet, but I told her I didn't want it to be maid from silk or sation, I wanted to go with khaki or linen, since I am having an outdoor wedding, I didn't want to overdress for my own event.

I saw a dress a bride made herself, she said she wanted to be comfortable and didn't want traditional at all, so she decided to go with what she wear most denim.

What do you ladies think? Would any of you do something like this.
Fish%20tank cake
Fish%20tank cake
Ask a Question
different (not traditional)wedding cake
I am not having a traditional cake at all. My cake is something I thought up in my head and of course it wil have shells since my theme is underwater treasure.

Anyways I was scanning the net last night and saw this cake I just had to share it with you ladies.
Pink Ask a Question Has anyone been constantly changing plans, colors, decor, etc?
Ask a Question
Has anyone been constantly changing plans, colors, decor, etc?
Hi ladies, I know I haven't been active for some time now but i'm back. A lot has been going on and on top of that I had internet problems and it took the ISP forever to come out and get right. Well of course planning did not stop but some many ideas has gathered in my head, mybe because I wasn't able to get on WBC and ask you ladies questions. I have been thinking of different colors, When I go out I see a lot of colors put together that looks so good together. I love my colors so I don't think i will actually change them. Pink is my favorite so that will stay no matter what. purple is FH favorite color and he don't like the idea of having pink and purple although I told him it would look pretty together.

Anyways, I have been thinking about my centerpieces a lot and i think I want branch centerpieces now. Still not sure though. I have been looking at them a lot of different ways and am really starting to like them and see it in my underwater treasure theme. What do you ladies think?

Is it me, but I've noticed some questions don't get answered. Not only on my page but somethings us brides as questions on and don't recieve comments back why is that. I personally like the comments rather you like my idea or not, I like the feed back it really helps a lot of times it bring ideas you probably haven't thought about yourself.

Anyways Glad to be abck and happy planning ladies


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