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Fake flowers
Where do you ladies go to get the colored fake flowers. I have been looking and looking and only seem to see fall thngs no roses or anything. Please help. I want to try and do my own bouquet.
What do you ladies think
STD postcard
Ok so i was playing around on the computer and came up with this.

The pic would be a pic of us and the wording would say

It’s been awhile

We’ve completed a lot of obstacles

and even had a child

We turned our house into a home

and wanted to make it known

We’re getting MARRIED


Saturday, April 24, 2010

So what do you ladies think? Honestly!
Pink Fonts invites,programs, STD, and menus
invites,programs, STD, and menus
Hi ladies I’ve been thinking of what fonts to use for my invites. I have narrowed it down to a few. I am looking for something that look old-fashioned. These are all 20 point.

My name is Clemencia Fogle

French Script MT

My name is Clemencia Fogle

Kunstler Script

My name is Clemencia Fogle

Edwardian Script ITC

My name is Clemencia Fogle

Blackadder ITC

My name is Clemencia Fogle

Freestyle Script

My name is Clemencia Fogle ------------like

Old English Text MT

My name is Clemencia Fogle


My name is Clemencia Fogle ---------------------like


My name is Clemencia Fogle

Rage Italic

My name is Clemencia Fogle

Script MT Bold

My name is Clemencia Fogle ----------------like

Viner Hand ITC

What do you ladies think? If you know of any other fonts please do advise.
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card boxtable
This is how I want my card box table to look. but i would have the chest open a little with pearl and fake gold coins falling out. I also want to make some gold brick out of somethng. I was thinking of using cardboard and spray apinting them gold.

What do you ladies think?
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for the guys
So I didn't want to do flowers for teh guys and thought of doing shells, what do you ladies think? I am going to try to do it myself to see how it comes out. The site where I found this one only has them $10 each, but if i can do it myself.

Just in case someone wants to know the site is
newspaper programs
newspaper programs
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Newspaper programs
So I have been thinking of doing newspaper/magazine programs. I can use a some kind of sinken ship someting as a head line. i don't know i haven't thought of all the details but it came across my mind and thought it would be interesting.

So what do you ladies think.
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What do you ladies think
I took a shot at the inspiration board. What do you ladies think about it.
A great person
WBC Bride Keisha
Ok, meeting soontobemrsknowles has been a blessing for me. She is such a lovely person. I am so glad I met her. She invited me to a bridal show last night I went with one of my friends I just found out is also planning a wedding and we had a great time. My friend her wedding gown, I think I found my cake baker, and they gave us free garters for the throw aways with a blue bow, so there's my something blue.

Anyways, she has been so kind to help me in getting another vendor she almost made me cry at work today.

See ya Sunday girly

Sorry the pics look so bad there are from my phone.
Pink Bridal show Wednesday's bridal show
Bridal show
Wednesday's bridal show
So ladies I went to the bridal show on wednesday and had a nice time, meet a good amount of vendors. they actuall had a stripper there that was the first for me, never seen a stripper at a bridal show. Of course he didn't get down and dirty but he did enough fo us nto get the point. What I didn't like was every baker that was there brought cake with some kind of creme in it,

I did get to meet a WBC bride which was great. I love meeting with brides in my area. sonntobemrsknowles, it was nice can't wait till next time.
Pink Help Ladies I need to vent and you opinions
Ladies I need to vent and you opinions
ok, so I started working in June. My car broke down in July and has not been running since it's an old 94 Infinity so I think it just ran it's course, anyways FH and I are sharing cars now, and haven't really been in a rush to get anything at the moment.

So with that being said, FH start work at 8 am I start at 9 so he has to drop me off. FH job is about 40-50 minutes away from my job, therfore he drops me off around 7:20 every morning. the job does not open until 8 am so I stand outside until the first person come to open the door then I enter and wait until nine to clock in. I have been doing this since July.

Now here's the problem we had a staff meeting on Wednesday and the manager says no one can be in the building but 15 minutes before their shift and 15 minutes after their shift. At the end when the floor was open I explained my situation the manager said we would talk off line. Ok fine.

We step outside and she tell me I cannot be in the building and that would be with any company. Now we are in this small office with no break room or lobby so when i'm in i'm at my desk but I have my wedding books to read to keep me occupied,

Anyways, she go so far to ask if I could catch the bus instead of being there so early, now in my head i'm like hell fucking no, but I explain to her I have a three year old whose daycare don't open until 7:00 am the bus I have to catch to work I woulod have to be on at 7 am to be to work on time. so if I was to let my ride leave me I would be late everyday. then she tell me to get dropped off at a resturant until 15 m inutes before hand then walk down to the job, so I asked her if she has paid attention to where the building is located. There is no side walk it right off the major road and we are surrounded around businesses we are on 102 Ave and the closes restuarant is a spanish cafe on 95 Ave, I wouldn't dare walk that every morning. So she pretty much sums it up with well you can only be here 15 minutes before your shift.

so what the hell. I mean I am not working we don't have overtime I haven't ask them to change my shift. Oh yeah she did say well you know you were hired to work from 9 to 6, so I said yes, and that's what I work, I'm just here earlier.

Do they really think I would be there that early if I didn't have to. Since I got know where with here I called HR and spoke to the director of HR she asked who said I couldn't be there I briefly explained and she cut me off said she would call me back, she called a few minutes later and said to continue what I was doing and that the head manager from our other office would be at the office.

He never showed the next day the same manager came nothing was said and today neither came. I called HR back but did not get an answer I left a message, and called a few other times but still didn't speak to anyone.

And every since Wednesday, she, the manager has been riding me hard with everything I do I have went from being the good worker they have brought lunch for and let go home early to doing everything wrong.

Now I think they are trying to get rid of a co-worker of mine who i have become very cool with our boys play football at the same park, anyways since I started in June they have changeed her postion three times, she starts at 8am so now the only thing I could think of is guilty by association.

What do you ladies think? Is there something I should/should not do. Was I wrong for contact HR


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