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pearl pink wedding dress
pearl pink wedding dress
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Inspiratipon board
Update!!!!!!!!!!!!maybe it's me but I still can't seem to figure out this inspiration board thing together.

Ladies I need your help. I don't know how to do the inspiration boards.
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mate matcher anyone did this?
Cancer (me) & Pisces (FH)
why it works
Pisces and Cancer are highly compatible water signs. Together you can create a life of fantasy and romance. Since you often want the same things from life, you'll enjoy culture, art, music, travel and the good life with this well-chosen partner, savoring every moment together. With sensitive Pisces, you're free to be as sentimental and emotional as you want. Your girlie, gushy side comes out—you feel feminine and secure, just the way you like it. He showers you with romance, and he never leaves you wondering how much he adores you.

what you have to work on
Shy Cancer and mysterious Pisces can both be secretive, but too much of this can do damage. With your shared sensitivity, you can drown in an emotional morass, so be sure to have plenty of outside outlets for your feelings. Cancers like to keep a tight grip on reality, while Pisces is eager to escape it. The Pisces man is a little more reluctant to commit to things—he needs security and freedom, while you savor the predictable. His luxurious tastes will provide a fantasy life, but if his eager spending habits mean bills aren't paid, your thrifty side will take command.

how to make it last
In general, the Pisces man is a bit wilder than you are, and he has a shadow side that you may never understand. He can get snared in toxic behaviors if he's not careful. Avoidance is his co-pilot, so deal with things directly when they come up. Don't let resentments and concerns fester—speak up. You both want to keep the illusion of a perfect, safe life, but remember to live in reality. You may need to handle the money, or at least guard your savings, as he's prone to take financial risks that exceed your comfort level. Spend as much time by the water as you can, which is deeply healing for both of you.

your song
"Sea of Love" by Phil Phillips

I will be adding this song to my list
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What's your sign and what does it say about you
I am a cancer.

OVERVIEW )this is sooooooooooooooo me)
Symbolized by the crab, these sensitive souls wear a tough outer shell to protect their inner vulnerabilities. Nostalgic and domestic, Cancers are the zodiac's most gifted nurturers. Since Cancer is an intuitive water sign, the Crab is incredibly susceptible to the pull of his or her emotional tides. When Cancers get moody, it's best to let their powerful feelings run their course. A Crab's mother will be a driving force in his or her life at any age. In romance, commitment-oriented Cancers think long-term, choosing stable lovers and spouses who share their desire to create a harmonious home full of children, white-picket fences and happy memories.

Cancer Woman
If you're looking for the perfect wife or mother, or just a megadose of femininity, this is your girl! She's definitely the type of "keeper" your mother always hoped you would bring home for the holidays, but she may take her time deciding if you're the right one for her. The Cancer woman is the ultimate nurturer, and she's all heart. Her intuition and emotions are her guide, and while they may overwhelm her, they never fail to guide her to safe harbor. Of course, that means any day could feel like a PMS moment, and you'll have to be prepared for sudden mood shifts, a little insecurity and a few crying jags. She's no shrinking violet, though. Once the shy courtship stage ends, this woman will tell you what she thinks, in no uncertain terms. Still, she's a steady, rock-solid mate who's in it for the long haul. She loves to take care of you, pamper you and adore you. Your home will always be cozy and filled with warmth. What guy wouldn't want some of that? But she's not all domestic and Donna Reed. The Cancer woman is also up on books, culture and the arts. You may need to dig to discover this side of her nature, but in her case, still waters run deep. One caveat: Although her sign rules femininity, not every Cancer woman is a girlie-girl. Her self-protective desire to wear a tough outer shell can come in the form of a tough-talking, tomboyish persona. She can be a real jock, watching and playing all kinds of sports and hanging with the fellas. One Cancer woman we knew logged NFL football stats on her bedroom wall; another was the sole female resident of a frat house. Still, underneath the scabs and bruises, there's a tender soul who feels everything deeply. She'll hang on to memorabilia and be the first RSVP for alumni events, school reunions, baby showers and other cherished occasions.

Famous Cancer Women
Meryl Streep, Princess Diana, Pamela Anderson, Courtney Love, Lindsay Lohan, Cyndi Lauper, Jessica Simpson, Liv Tyler, Juliette Lewis, Lisa Rinna, Michelle Kwan, Gisele Bündchen, Edie Falco, Lil Kim
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how many B2B's tried this?
I got this from jeffersonsbride09 the cosmic wedding planner.

I am a cancer and according to it this is my wedding style and i will go along with it. it hit some things right on the nail.

Your Bridal Style
Romantic, sentimental, traditional, feminine

What's Important to You

Family, family and more family
A close, intimate and meaningful day
The best food and music your budget can buy
Nurturing and pampering your guests

Wedding Mantra
"I create a future to honor my past."

Cancer rules femininity, so choose a romantic, womanly dress. Though there are tomboys aplenty in your ranks, it's all just a tough outer shell hiding your inner sensitivity. Surrender to your inner goddess today! While lace looks over-the-top on some brides, it's often just right on you. Ribbons, pearl buttons and brocade are also great touches that enhance your feminine side. (Just keep it in proportion so you don't look like a granny!) The body part associated with Cancer is the chest, so show a little décolletage, or at least go strapless. The bodice of your dress is the most flattering feature, so look for something special, especially if you're curvy. At the other end of the spectrum, a simple sheath or a satin slip dress can complement less-busty Crab girls, especially when paired with a long moonstone charm or an authentic pearl necklace. You may want to cover up in shy moments, Cancer. A short capelet in sheer lace or a gown with cap sleeves can keep you from feeling overexposed. For Cancers, your mother (or an older female relative) is the most important figure in your life. Incorporate the family matriarchs into your style by wearing your grandmother's wedding dress. Edgier Cancers may want to get a vintage gown updated, even shortened, by a talented seamstress. Don't feel that you have to wear white! You look great in oyster, ivory, even beige—anything with an antique feel.

The ocean and the moon are your rulers, and you glow in freshwater pearls, moonstones, shells, silver and anything with a little sea-inspired shimmer. You look great in a jeweled hair clip that mixes pearls with the teeniest flash of bling. Vintage lace gloves, brocade shoes and other antique touches bring out that old-world femininity that suits you so well, Cancer. Carry sentimental items from female family members down the aisle or incorporate your grandma's vintage cameo pin into your bouquet ribbon. Your décolletage may be your best feature, so focus on a great eye-catching necklace—especially a strand of pearls. Wear your hair in a loose, romantic style, and avoid anything that looks too "done" (hold the hairspray!). An embroidered lace veil can bring your whole look together.

RING (don't have me on point here)perfer very showy
You're feminine and romantic, and you look best in a ring that's princesslike but not too showy. Cancer rules antiques, so consider a ring designed in a vintage style. Cancer is the "mother sign," so a family heirloom passed through the generations truly belongs on your finger. Since you're an emotional sign, inscribe the band with your favorite passage—you'll get sentimental every time you look at it! Jeweler Isaac Gottesman of Chicago's Dimend Scaasi ( recommends a cushion-cut stone, which features rounded corners and larger facets to increase brilliance. These stones are available as squares or rectangles. For a setting, Gottesman suggests a band with pretty vintage touches like knife-edge (thick at the base and tapering up to a point) or pavé (multiple small diamonds set close together and held in place by tiny prongs).

Cancer women treasure their closest childhood friends, and chances are you'll want yours by your side on your big day. You're more likely to want a small bridal party of only a trusted few. Somebody's got to hand you tissues when you get misty-eyed or weepy! With your Cancerian maternal instinct, you might want to create roles for children in your ceremony. An adorable ring bearer, a cherubic flower girl, even kids wearing angel wings—nothing's too sweet for you when it comes to the little ones. You could even invite young relatives to light a unity candle. Caution: Cancer is a moody sign, so handle your stress during this emotional time. Don't take it out on your bridesmaids—instead, savor the prenuptial period together with pedicures, massages and yoga classes. You tend to have dramatic friends, so if any rivalries arise, tell them to settle it outside your drama-free zone. Restrain yourself from getting involved and just let yourself be the bride.

Romance, sentiment and tons of meaning are the hallmarks of a Cancer wedding. Write your own vows, read a favorite poem or passage or let your favorite songs express your true feelings. Cancer is symbolized by the crab, and a small, intimate wedding (family and a few close friends) creates the safety of "being in your shell." Pampering your guests in high style is easier when working with a smaller guest list too. You're a water sign, Cancer, so consider a wedding on the beach, in a seaside town or even on a yacht. Since Cancer rules home and family, your parents' house, a nostalgic childhood vacation spot or even a historic mansion stir up those homey, heart-warming vibes. Include your family as much as possible: Let your parents give you away, enjoy the father-daughter dance or create your own meaningful customs. Keep your decor romantic and feminine, using framed family photos as table centerpieces. The moon rules your sign, so take inspiration from opalescent bone china, decorative silver flatware and pretty pastel floral arrangements that look picked straight from the garden. You're a foodie, so serve a really special meal that your guests will savor. Since you like to cut costs, you might do a buffet and pass lots of mouthwatering appetizers. For tomboyish Cancer girls, who hide their sensitive sides, show how much you care by adding special touches, like great favors and thoughtful welcome baskets.

Old-fashioned romance is the way to go for you, Cancer. You're a water sign, so evoke the beach with centerpieces in low glass cylinders filled with seashells, say the floral and event designers of Martin Jobes Design ( For your bouquet, they suggest "trailing sweet pea vine, with Queen Anne's Lace, clover and foxtails tied up with pale-pink gingham ribbon, adorned with tiny bows." Getting married on the beach? Include seashells in the bouqet. "Shells in soft pinks and whites can be glued to wire and placed among the blooms," they suggest, while "bridesmaids bouquets could feature ribbon streamers with shells." Don't forget flowers in your hair! The Martin-Jobes team recommends "a delicate floral crown of stephanotis, or some of the small blooms tucked into a flowing pre-Raphaelite hairstyle."

You've got a well-developed palate, Cancer, especially when it comes to rich, creamy desserts. Most Cancers love the kitchen, and you'll want your guests to feel like they've just had the best home-baked dessert of their lives. If they go into sugar shock after eating a slice of your wedding cake, consider your mission complete. Cancers adore traditional flavors and rich, decadent gourmet treats. Let your cake conjure a French patisserie in the heart of Paris. Cancer rules the home and women, so a family recipe handed down through the generations could be incorporated into your wedding cake too. "Evoke memories of your grandmother's kitchen," advises Karen Rivera-Gorski of The Painted Cake (, "but add a contemporary twist." Rivera-Gorski suggests brown sugar vanilla cake with homemade pineapple or fruit preserves, and caramel butter-cream frosting. Since you're sentimental, get your cake knife engraved, then save it as an heirloom for future generations.

INVITATIONS (right on the head)
You're relatively traditional, so choose pretty, feminine invitations that are a little ornate but not too flowery. Choose a script font, traditional phrasing and beautiful paper that's a thick or handmade stock. A romantic, French-country feel goes far—look to shabby-chic or Parisian design for inspiration. High-end letterpress and engraving are elegant printing options; however, your thrifty side will probably want to pinch pennies here. More important is conveying the message that your guests will be pampered—so focus on the words, and also include thoughtful touches like a map, hotel block discounts and a list of your favorite local restaurants in the area. Since you love sentimental portraits, designer Karalee Serra of Simply Serra ( suggests including photos in your invitation. Add a favorite poem or passage printed on translucent vellum for an extra touch of romance. As a water sign, you could incorporate beachy elements like sand, shells and sea grass, either glued to the invitation or used as ribbon.

SPECIAL TOUCHES ( won't be doing)
Cancer rules the home, so why not keep your wedding memories present in your everyday life after the big day? Create a wedding quilt. Send significant women in your life a square of fabric, and ask them to inscribe or decorate it however they choose. Then sew them together. You can even decorate the squares as a group activity at your shower.
Feeling shy? Wedding photographer Tracy Toler of Maia Studio Photography (, also a Cancer, suggests photojournalistic or documentary-style pictures instead of posed shots. Not only will they appeal to your artistic nature, you won't feel self-conscious and "watched the whole time," says Toler.
Since family is so important to Cancer, wedding planner Danielle Bobish of Curtain Up Events ( suggests involving everyone in the ceremony. After reciting your vows to each other, write a vow that the entire congregation can say to you as well. They're all attending because they love and support you, and it will bring everyone closer.
During the cocktail hour, continues Bobish, display framed photos of past family weddings. It adds a nice homey touch and really involves both sides of the family

HONEYMOON 9funny we actually thought of going there)
For your culture and food-loving sign, there's no place like Paris, the city of romance (and patisseries!). You'll love the art, architecture, decadent desserts and culture in the City of Light. If you're on a tighter budget (or don't want to make the transatlantic flight), a surprising alternative is the French-Canadian city of Montreal. You'll find European-style architecture, romantic cobblestone streets, eclectic restaurants, and luxury hotels at affordable prices. You're a water sign, so a beach vacation is something to consider. Wedding planner Danielle Bobish of Curtain Up Events ( suggests the Maldives, where you can sail, scuba dive, swim and snorkel on your own private strip of beach. Set on the Indian Ocean, it's anything but a tourist trap. You can rent a villa on the beach or one set above a lagoon. You can even go "under the sea" in a chartered submarine! Other possibilities? Cancers also love history, so Bobish recommends touring the castles of Scotland or Prague or visiting the pastoral green hills of Ireland. The rainy streets of London might suit your melancholy soul too. You can cozy up with a cup of tea and a book or lounge at a friendly pub over beer, while enjoying intelligent, lively conversation with the locals.
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Is there a Hobby Lobby where you live
this weekend I went to a retirement party and found this plaza bearby I went into hobby lobby and fell in love they have everything. Material wedding things house things crafts you name it they have it. I am going back to pick up some wedding deco, they have all kinds of things. the only problem is the store is a hour or so away from me so i won't be able to go as much.
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Is the music killing you
I have been writing down every love song i can remember for the past 2 months. I have three pages of music and can't break it down for nothing.

I know I need about 30 minutes of music before the wedding starts, I took it upon myself to do 45 min. instead just in case (don't want to repeat any songs) anyways that's only about 11 songs given 4 min. a piece give or take.

then the music for seating the family, then attendants, and me. got all of that. then the song for us to walk out have that (maybe i'll do two exit songs)

I have 15 songs for the cocktail hour given 4 min. a song give a take.
I have a song to play just as the cocktail hour is ending and going into the reception.

And I have 2 songs for the entrance of the reception, giving almost ten min. for the guest to sit. i figured since the place cards will be out with the cocktail hour they wouldn't need that much time to sit. Should i give more time?

I have the song for me and my FH to walk into the reception in on.

I have the garter and bouquet toss songs, I also have a garter song when he go to take off my garter.

With all of this I still have a lot of music left.

Ladies help did I leave something out. Do I need to assign music to anything else?
scroll table names
picscroll table names
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Did anyone see who's wedding is it anyway today
the season premeire came on today with daniel and shauna wilcox strickland strickly destiny wedding it was gorgeous. Anyways she had stroll table names they were so cute I want to do that to now. It completely go with my them and I didn't know how I was going to do them anyways.

Oh my tables will be named after different cruise ships.
garter toss
garter toss
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anyone doinsomething different?
Ladies I saw this and had to share it.

table linen
linentable linen
Wedding Decoration
table linen
I just love the way the linen is on this table. I saw this is wedding style magazine and fell in love with it.
chocolate satin
chocolate satin
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Help South Carolina Brides
South Carolina brides I need you help bad. I am in this small behind town called branchville, it's in orangeburg, county. i can't find a fabric store for nothing. I asked around and was told I have to go to Agusta, Ga. I know it has to be something closer than that.

I am looking for pearl pink and chocolate satin or silk fabric.

I need your help bad.


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