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Het every i never got married, my ex cheated and i went running. I tried to delete this page but cannot so. I enjoyed this site. Are you ladies on anyother blogs I love the comments rather they agreed or not this is the most honest set of women. the ex and I have been split since 2010. He is still with the person he cheated with and I have moved and and i'm very happy in my current relationship. I was hurt at the beginning but releived at the same time. Looking back at some of my post it appears something was always coming up and those probably were my signs that i was ignoring LOL. Just wanted to advise the ladies especially the ones that's still on here from when i was plaaning.

Good luck to all of you special ladies and congrats
Pink US Our introduction
Our introduction
Since I never really gave an introduction.

Junebug and I met while in high school. i was in the 10th and he was in the 11th. We had a mutual friend who decided to hook us up. At the time she was dating Junebug's uncle, who was only about three yrs older than us. anywho. Since she thought it would be cute for us to go out she told the both of us that the other was asking about them. We didn't figure this out until years later. So everytime she see me she would tell me Junebug said what up and when we were going out, and she will tell him the same thing. Lucky for her we decided to talk and went out on a date. We dated for a year in high school. Which was really fun because I was a cheerleader and he was in the band and the school mascot.

After breaking up for now an unknown reason maybe use just being young I don't know, we ran unto each other back in July of 2002. It was funny I was taking a back road to get to teh gas station because I was completely on E and praying that i make it and he took the same back road home from work. We past each other but noticed each and and we both hit our breaks. He backed up to me and now the rest is history.

We have been through all the ups and downs a couple can go througha and has survived through them all. We have really grown togeher.
Pink Ask a Question changing date feel like starting ova
Ask a Question
changing date feel like starting ova
Did or does anyone feel like changes their date is like starting ova. Although I have a good bit of things there are a lot of things i still do not have.

Ok so I have added on to the theme. From Underwater treasure to Underwater Treasure Island. because I want it to look like they have stepped into a city that's under the water. I will try not to do any reposting.
white birch bark
diamond-manicureProofBG_Cigarslea_mcintosh_cigar_cookie_bardessert1DIY_ice-cream_parlour_buffet_bigice-cream-barwhite birch barksea_glass_wedding_small_001sea_glass_wedding_small_004
Ask a Question
bling nails just a little fun to much for a wedding may do for bridal shower.

first attempt at arrow street signs to use to direct people through the tables to their table

cookie cigar buffett. I always wanted a cigar and ice cream buffett but gave up on the idea because of the budget, well now I can actually have it Yey.. It will not be cookies but I thought it was so cute. The cig buffet will be a DIY project. i will decorate me 3 yr old shoe boxes

desert station gota have one to go with the coffee and tea station, which would also help me with cutting the cost of my cake. This is being donated by one of my servers. Now QUESTION? you know the deserts come on those white foam platters should i keep it that way or purchase platers?

Ice cream buffet. also a DIY project, iceam cream is always on sale 2 for 5 so I will get different flavors and different toppings. pic 2 is more of the set up I am going for.

I love the white birch bark. Do anyonwknow where I can get it in Miami?

Nothing with the cake other than it is different not what I would want. Thelast pic i found looking at sea glass. While I don't care for the table set up I do like the way the runner was cust on the edges, so i kept it for an idea.
just things I found
thought i'd share
1. place cards with clothes pens as holders
2. cake pops very cute
3. poms to throw at teh bride and groom
4. same
sea-colours-390x291Pink Change in wedding color Small changesPink Change in wedding color Small changes
Change in wedding color
Small changes
We all know the more thime we have for planning our wedding the more changes are going to me make. My wedding colors has changed from pink and brown. Although both colors will still be in the colors the colors are now SEA FOAM GREEN, OCEAN BLUE AND PEARL PINK. Of course I can't drop my pink it's my favorite color.
fishing hall
fishing hall
fishing halligfa_courtyard_buffetigfa_museum_frontigfa_hall_of_fame_neon
Hi ladies
Miss everyone here
I have been so busy I have not been able to log onto this site as much. FH had surgery on his shoulder and will be in a sling for the next 6 weeks. So pushing the wedding back was ver y smart of me to come to my sinces. LOL

Anywho! My sister has decided to be my planner, she does planning on the side the only thing is she is in SC and I am in Miami. I have purchased a few small things nothing big. Since pushing the wedding back it gives us more money for the wedding which I love. I am debating with myself with going for the vendor i absolutely love (which are the pics to the left) or the vendor that is really cheap. Now the one I love really go with my theme, the other one is like $55 dollars a hour but I will have to do all the deocrating and they do not allow alcohol. Don't know

But I am glad to be back.

I have been scanning through some BTB and leaving message but hasn't been loggin in.

Congrats to all the brides whos big day I have miss and to the brides who's day is coming up.

I want to tell all the Haitian my heart is with you and I am praying for everyone in Haiti. My FH stepdad is over there and we have not heard anything about him yet. FH is becoming a little worried but is having full faith in GOD.

from the mouth of my 3 yr. old dueces Smoochez. lol!
secret santa
I wanted to send a warm shout out and thank youb to peachy bride 09. My apologies for the delay. I check my e-mail from my new phone at the time, and yes i had received you gift. I thought i save it so i could answer it once i got off from the computer but i deleated it and couldn't find it. But i did remember you snet me an e-mail about receiving the gift. i haven't opened it yet waiting on tomorrow. Hope you have received yours. Merry X-Mas
Have to change date again
OMG, it seems as if this has been the worst year ever. I have to change my date again i guess three times the charm right. I'm am just so aggravated that I have to change it again. Fh hasn't worked since Sept. He is getting unemployment but it's not the same with work he got OT, plus he brought home more than the unemployment check bring in. My car has not been working since June, so we are sharing his car which only runs on premium fuel only so we are using a lot of gas. He started looking for another job but there really isn't a lot out here plus he doesn't have a lot of education to put on his resume. Urggggggggg. On top of that he has been having problems with his shoulder and going back and fourth to the dr. a lot, who has been sending him to therepy a lot so it made it even harder to find a job. Now Miami has had a few cold days and Fh shoulder was stiff one morning had to take him to the dr. and now the doc is talking surgery sometime in Feb, something about removing some scar tissues. I have been holding down the bills and we have been using his check to take the kids out, gas, house supplies. We still have things that need to be paid for the wedding, I know I am nnot going to be able to pull this all off on my own. Although I am so excited and want to have my wedding already, I know financially I can't afford it. i was going to try and do it last minute with my taxes, but I really do not want to be that bridezella that I know the last minute stress will bring to me. BUT OMG I WANT MY WEDDING! This year in April. Ughhh.

Right now we are looking at pushing it back a year, because I want an outdoor ceramony and anything after April is hurricane season, all the way until the end of Nov. when we will be experiencing our little winter days. The thing with that we can't predict what days would be cold and which ones would be hot. I hate to pick a day to have an outdoor ceramony by the water and it's cold out. So were guessing we have to go with the early part of 2011. Ughhhhhhhh. Everytime i think about it that's all I could say.

So how many ladies had to change their date more times than wanted?
Info for my DIYers
linens, runners, chair cover
Ladies since you told me it wouldbe better to buy than to make i went searching comparing prices today. And I found some really cool prices, but the best of them all so far I must say was from
5 90" for $60
5 108" for $80
5 120" for $100
5 132" for $115
10 runners $60 ( find that to be a great steal)
Silk napkins 14 x 14 $50
Chair covers 100/$250
Sash 100/ $160
rose petals 1000/$16
overlays for $5.99 for 60"
72" $ 6.99
90" $7.99
Napkins 5 pk $2.99
Chair covers $2.88
linen round
90" $13.99, 108" $ 15.99 and 120: $16.49
they ship nationwide and they have have chair covers with sash for $1.99

Check out the two site ladies
diy, linen, satin


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