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Our introduction

Since I never really gave an introduction.

Junebug and I met while in high school. i was in the 10th and he was in the 11th. We had a mutual friend who decided to hook us up. At the time she was dating Junebug's uncle, who was only about three yrs older than us. anywho. Since she thought it would be cute for us to go out she told the both of us that the other was asking about them. We didn't figure this out until years later. So everytime she see me she would tell me Junebug said what up and when we were going out, and she will tell him the same thing. Lucky for her we decided to talk and went out on a date. We dated for a year in high school. Which was really fun because I was a cheerleader and he was in the band and the school mascot.

After breaking up for now an unknown reason maybe use just being young I don't know, we ran unto each other back in July of 2002. It was funny I was taking a back road to get to teh gas station because I was completely on E and praying that i make it and he took the same back road home from work. We past each other but noticed each and and we both hit our breaks. He backed up to me and now the rest is history.

We have been through all the ups and downs a couple can go througha and has survived through them all. We have really grown togeher.
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