white birch bark
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bling nails just a little fun to much for a wedding may do for bridal shower.

first attempt at arrow street signs to use to direct people through the tables to their table

cookie cigar buffett. I always wanted a cigar and ice cream buffett but gave up on the idea because of the budget, well now I can actually have it Yey.. It will not be cookies but I thought it was so cute. The cig buffet will be a DIY project. i will decorate me 3 yr old shoe boxes

desert station gota have one to go with the coffee and tea station, which would also help me with cutting the cost of my cake. This is being donated by one of my servers. Now QUESTION? you know the deserts come on those white foam platters should i keep it that way or purchase platers?

Ice cream buffet. also a DIY project, iceam cream is always on sale 2 for 5 so I will get different flavors and different toppings. pic 2 is more of the set up I am going for.

I love the white birch bark. Do anyonwknow where I can get it in Miami?

Nothing with the cake other than it is different not what I would want. Thelast pic i found looking at sea glass. While I don't care for the table set up I do like the way the runner was cust on the edges, so i kept it for an idea.
prncss173's Black wedding
 |  Reno, NV, USA  |  01/17/2010  | 
Those are awesome!  That must of taken FOREVER!
fairytalebride's Blue wedding
 |  Toronto, ON, Canada  |  01/17/2010  | 
oooh i love the nails i gotta try that out myself
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