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The Proposal
This seems like a good place to start...
J had asked M to come to Michigan (his home state) for a 24-hour adventure race. After getting a promise of relaxation and pampering out of J, M reluctantly agreed. Once the race was - finally - done, M and J headed off to Mackinac Island, a tiny spit of land with no motorized vehicles, only horses and bicycles. They spent a wonderful couple of days exploring and decided to finish their trip with tea at the famed Grand Hotel. M and J got all dressed up, and J called for a horse-drawn carriage to whisk them to the hotel. After enjoying champagne, tea, pastries, and fruits, J asked M to take a walk with him out on the beautiful covered porch. J stopped a man to ask him if he would take their photo standing by the railing overlooking the sparkling Lake Michigan in the background. After one shot of the couple standing there grinning, J asked the man to take one more. As the stranger lined up his next shot, J dropped to one knee and pulled out a small wooden box. He said some beautiful words to a stunned and crying M and finished with "will you marry me?" After more tears and a lot of kisses, M finally managed a thrilled "yes!" and J helped her put her very beautiful sparkly new accessory on her finger.


5 years since wedding
Meaghan LeBlanc
Jacob Castiglione
Sep 06, 2009
Sturbridge, Massachusetts, United States
Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish
The Publick House
Karen Leaf
We're having a traditional Catholic rite of marriage followed by a formal reception in a New England colonial inn dating from the 1700s.
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