Hello girls as I said I have been studying!!! but I couldn't help to come and see what everybody is up to and I also decided to post the bridesmaid dress, I love the fabric is chiffon so I think is flattering to everyone's bodies and since is a short dress so it may be worn again for a cocktail or something I just have to specify that I didn't like the flowers on the shoulder so they would have to go, what do you think girls?? appreciate your opinions.
aimee114's Pink wedding
 |  Winnipeg, MB, Canada  |  10/18/2010  | 
They are very cute ... definitely can be worn again which is nice for the girls. I kinda like the flowers on the side, but either way will look nice ;)
daniellerenee85's Blue wedding
 |  Columbus, IN, USA  |  10/18/2010  | 
I agree with aimee! There's a bow on my wedding dress (a one strap shoulder dress) and I've been so back and forth on whether or not I like it... it's definitely hard deciding. I kinda like the flowers, it adds some fun-ness to the dress, but I think I'd like it just as much without it, too!
neuweg03's Black wedding
 |  Muscatine, IA, USA  |  10/18/2010  | 
To be honest I really like the flowers!!! It really sets the dress from the typical "bridesmaid" dress which I think is nice! maybe check with your girls and see what they think??
lnse0024's White wedding
 |   |  10/18/2010  | 
I think these are adorable.I looked at something similar, but a longer dress. I love the short length, but January winters, my bridal party will be happy with the longer length!

I personally like the flowers on the strap. It gives the dress something special. I agree with neuweg03, if you are questioning it, ask the bridal party.
kaylaghostkeeper's Black wedding
 |  Edmonton, AB, Canada  |  10/18/2010  | 
's  wedding
 |  Hobart, Sant julia de loria, Australia  |  10/19/2010  | 
May this is a very good choice!! And guess what... I am having flowers up one sleeve so I definitely vote to keep them there!! Looks like you are out voted darl. ;) And mine are about that length too.
soon2bshep's Black wedding
 |  West palm beach, FL, USA  |  10/19/2010  | 
I LOVE IT! I am hoping to have a one shoulder dress for my ladies to wear as well. What vendor is selling this dress? I found the dresses on my page through www.fashionlande.com. This is soooooooooooooooo pretty!!!
andysfat's Black wedding
 |  Barrie, ON, Canada  |  10/19/2010  | 
I love this! Its so cute!! Where is it from?
blkbutterfly's Pink wedding
 |  Gatesville, TX, USA  |  10/19/2010  | 
I love this dress!!!
acowleysoontobe's Pink wedding
 |  Toronto, ON, Canada  |  10/19/2010  | 
I LOVE this dress! It's so pretty and feminie looking! I DO love the flowers on the side, and think it makes the dress a little more unique. But either way, it will be lovely!
mayelah's Blue wedding
 |  Aguascalientes, Abu dhabi, Mexico  |  10/19/2010  | 
girls thank you sooooooooooooo much for your comments i was hesitating about the flowers but you are right it gives this special touch, well i got it from this place called bari jay style 102, here is for you a link to their website:

thank you girlies!!!!
sweetlatina's Purple wedding
 |  West haven, CT, USA  |  10/19/2010  | 
Cute dress! I think it looks great with the floral strap :)
mrmrskaz's Pink wedding
 |  Covina, CA, USA  |  10/19/2010  | 
i think the dress is very cute with the flowers on the strap... i dont think you need to remove them
willbwild's Black wedding
 |  Owen sound, ON, Canada  |  10/19/2010  | 
Looks like it's unanimous I am loving the flower strap and the colour too!  I am a huge fan of Chiffon so flowy and elegant. Hmmmm..flowy is that a word?  Either way you get what I mean....FAB
's  wedding
 |  Houston, TX, USA  |  10/19/2010  | 
awwww....dont make the flowers go.lol.
i personally think the flowers give the dress statement and a flirty vibe...maybe you can fo a braided fabric instead of flowers or a srunched up fabric...but dont forgo the one star..its too cute. and the color is amazing...so fresh and airy. =) too cute. goo pick.
noirbride's Black wedding
 |  London, ON, Canada  |  10/21/2010  | 
That's a very pretty color!
sabrina2279's Purple wedding
 |  Toronto, ON, Canada  |  10/25/2010  | 
vanessalynn's Purple wedding
 |  Mcallen, TX, USA  |  11/05/2010  | 
These were the dresses I was looking into for my wedding. I love it!
mzbrownn11's Blue wedding
 |  Valdosta, GA, USA  |  11/08/2010  | 
Cute dresses!
prncss173's Black wedding
 |  Reno, NV, USA  |  11/27/2010  | 
Wow sweetie this dress is WONDERFUL!  I would love to wear this in a wedding!
fireandicelove's Black wedding
 |  Columbia, SC, USA  |  12/14/2010  | 
Such a cute dress! And I honestly LOVE the flowers on the side. Im not usually into girlyness when it comes to my dresses but the one shoulder on this one adds such sexiness to it.
mayelah's Blue wedding
 |  Aguascalientes, 01, Mexico  |  12/14/2010  | 
Thank you girls for all your support and lovely comments!!! you are al right the flowers give that special touch!!!
's  wedding
Faye Rodrigues
 |  Dubai, 03, United arab emirates  |  06/21/2012  | 
I think it is a very pretty color and i plan to have this color for my wedding and it is definitely goin to be chiffon.....
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