turquoise and dark gray
turquoise and dark gray
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Wedding Make Up
DIY Trial (Turquoise)

So I kinda did a little diy make up trial today on my eyes... its the first one I've done cuz I can't make up my mind on what colors to do for my eyes! So this is the first one, and there will be more to come.

Tell me what you think... good or bad?

(sorry about the messy hair lol)
enchantedbride's Purple wedding
 |  Johannesburg, 06, South africa  |  05/03/2011  | 
Very nice! Good job! Just a word of advise. Maye make your brows just a little darker. :-)

You go girl!!
maybride2011's Pink wedding
 |  Columbus, OH, USA  |  05/04/2011  | 
Lol yeah I noticed that. But thanks! :)
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