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Pomander tissue balls!

I LOVE how my pomander tissue balls turned out! I found a helpful video online on how to make them and they are sooo simple, but a little time consuming. Pretty much anyone can make them. I just wanted a little color going up the aisle so I decided to make these :)

Cost & Supplies:

Wire cutters- $2 at Walmart
20-24 gauge floral wire-$1 a pack of 30 at Walmart
Tissue paper-$1 a pack at Walmart (1 pack would make 1 1/2 balls)
3"-4" Styrofoam balls- Dollar Tree (2 in a pack)
Ribbon to use for hanging them on a chair or shepherds hook- $2 at Walmart

This project is very inexpensive and looks really great when your done with them! Just look for some Pomander Ball instruction videos online! I would do a practice ball first to get the hang of it because my first ball looked like crap lol. So just practice on one first. Good luck!
laurie88's Orange wedding
 |  Westminster, MD, USA  |  04/16/2011  | 
These look awesome! I am attempting to make my own for a bridal shower so we'll see how they turn out. I will def. view some of those videos
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