fan paddles
fan paddles
actual size
12 in. white tulle
fan paddlesactual size12 in. white tulle

DIY Wedding
Good Deals!!!

I recently purchased two REALLY GOOD deals on Ebay!!! I bought my fan paddles for my DIY Wedding Program Fans, and 100 yards of 12 in. white tulle. I needed 200 paddles for my programs, and I literally looked everywhere for a cheap deal and I couldn't find anything. Finally I stumbled across a really good deal on ebay for 200 fan paddles at $19.95 with FREE SHIPPING! They are 8 inch fan paddles and they have a cute curvy design. If you are looking for fan paddles, the sellers ebay store is called: grannygrits1
She only sells in sets of 100 and 200 though. But still a VERY good deal if you need that many!

Another AWESOME buy was my 12 in. white tulle. This is another thing I was trying to find cheap. (If you haven't noticed already I'm a HUGE bargain shopper lol). The big thing about shopping online was the shipping charges. You could find cheap tulle but the shipping was outrageous! So again I turned to ebay (: (I'm also an Ebay freak). My fiance stumbled across tulle for...get this... $2.99 for 25 yards of 12 inch tulle!!! PLUS free shipping!!! We needed 300 ft. of white tulle (100 yards), so our total cost was $11.96. NOT BAD if I do say so myself. The quality is great and the seller was super fast!
If you need some cheap white tulle, the ebay sellers name was: linentablecloths
2bdavis's Blue wedding
 |  Florence, AL, USA  |  01/03/2011  | 
hey i couldn't find the paddles?
maybride2011's Pink wedding
 |  Columbus, OH, USA  |  01/03/2011  | 
heres a link that will get you to the paddles

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