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Red Wedding Photography Engagement photos....?
Red Wedding Photography Engagement photos....?Red Wedding Photography Engagement photos....?Red Wedding Photography Engagement photos....?
Wedding Photography
Engagement photos....?
I really want them, but I don't really know the protocol on them, and really what the heck to do with them ha ha. Anyone out there have any how to's shoulds or shouldn'ts off the top of your pretty little heads? Thanks ladies! (I mean the possibilities are endless, this is where we live!!) And I know that is why I definitely want some, since the wedding will be on the east coast at least engagement photos in hawaii would be nice... just a thought! Thanks again!!
Red Wedding Dress Indisputable, must have it, love it!!!!
Red Wedding Dress Indisputable, must have it, love it!!!!Red Wedding Dress Indisputable, must have it, love it!!!!
Wedding Dress
Indisputable, must have it, love it!!!!
I was looking at the countless number or wedding dresses that are strewn about the internet and I came across a red dress. It was not this one but I could not get the dress out of my mind. So like most other brides that wear red I got that itch that I couldnt get rid of and decided it was time to just search the red gowns of the world because the choice has been made. I will be wearing red. Scared my mother a little but she will come around, as I had to remind her... have I ever been conventional? So low and behold I found this. Decided to show sir Ben because even though some people decide against it, it is as much his day and dress as it is mine and I want to make sure he is as thrilled with it as I am! And luckily he is!!!!! and that is that! :) Now I just need to figure out bridesmaid dresses/moh dress! any suggestions? I know we want red black and white to be our colors! thanksssss :)
Red The Proposal We are quick :)
The Proposal
We are quick :)
So the proposal was more of a discussion, that turned into a question, that turned into an answer. It wasn't super planned out, but like the rest of our relationship it was pretty impulsive and basically amazing. Ben and I have been a whirlwind from the beginning but we are in love and we are happy and we know this is exactly what will work for us. So here I am with 330 days left beginning to plan the wedding of our dreams. Wish me luck and any advice will be warmly received and greatlyyyy appreciated!!!


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Oct 10, 2010
Fischers Island, New York, United States
We are shooting for an outside fall wedding in New England. We live in Hawaii now so we want the crisp air the changing leaves, everything I love about New England!
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