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Red its amazing
its amazing
So last night we were setting the guest list even though its probably going to change about a hundred times before our wedding. It was just so amazing to actually sit there and talk and discuss it. :-D We were getting so excited just picturing our day. Its so far away I dont know if im going to be able to wait that long :-D HELP!!!!
Looking For Ceremony Site
So I'm newly engaged and I've started looking for places because even though the weddings so far away I have to know how much money to save you know? It's so hard to find a place thats nice that both my FI and I can agree on. I want an outdoor wedding preferrably in a garden or something like that so if anyone has ideas I'd appreciate it ALOT!!!! The picture shown is the rusty pelican in tampa i really like it :-D



2 years since wedding
Sep 16, 2012
St. Petersburg, Florida, United States
The Rusty Pelican Tampa,FL
Not much to say yet :-D except that it's going to be beautiful
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