Blue today is the day loveatthebeach becomes a Mrs!!!

today is the day
loveatthebeach becomes a Mrs!!!

Hello girls!

Today is my day! I am so excited! The weather is absolutely perfect. I know the day is going to be so amazing.

And I cannot wait to come back and share it all with you!!!

We're leaving in about 15 minutes for my hair appt!! :) Yay!!

Love you girls! See you on the other side! <3
rachelw849's Black wedding
 |  Whitby, ON, Canada  |  06/04/2011  | 
Good luck Im getting my hair done very soon. have fun, we willboth b mrs in a few hours!
theforeverkind's Pink wedding
 |  Waterbury, CT, USA  |  06/04/2011  | 
You made it!! Congratulations!! I hope your special day is everything you always knew it would be!
's  wedding
 |  Sacramento, CA, USA  |  06/04/2011  | 
That is so cool!  Enjoy your beautiful day. I know it will be fabulous!  See you on the other side!
ginosgirl's Black wedding
 |  South bend, IN, USA  |  06/04/2011  | 
Have a great day. See ya on the Mrs side.
sjsbride's Blue wedding
 |  Terre haute, IN, USA  |  06/04/2011  | 
Congrats! I'm sure it was beautiful :)
shnoukys's Red wedding
 |  MontrĂ©al-nord, QC, Canada  |  06/04/2011  | 
Wish you and your husband million years of happiness xoxo Congratz can't wait to see pictures
's  wedding
 |  Essendon, 07, Australia  |  06/05/2011  | 
GO BRITTANY!!! Can't wait to hear alllllllllllllll about it!!!
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