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checking some things off of the list!


Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I spent the weekend with the FH! Yay!! Our niece turned 1 on Saturday so we went to her party. So much fun. And my cousin's college grad party was yesterday so I went to that. Now I'm exhausted. haha.

Anyway, I'm sending out the paperwork and deposit for the photographer tomorrow! Yay!

I met with a day of coordinator today that I'm pretty sure we're going to go with. She helped my mom with an event about a month ago and she is really nice. She is also giving us a really good price. :)

We've decided on the bridesmaids dresses. I have been talking to a girl on Etsy, Katesy is her seller name. She makes convertible wrap dresses. I love the idea of them because all of the girls can wear them different ways on the wedding day. And I feel like they will be more likely to wear them after the wedding because they can wear them so many ways and they could dress them up or down.
They will be teal. Kate is just looking for the perfect fabric for me! :) Then she will send us a trial dress just to make sure. Yay!

I was trying to put up a pic of the dress but it won't work. Check out Katesy's shop to see it.
rachaeljustice2010's Red wedding
 |  Lexington, KY, USA  |  06/21/2010  | 
Sounds like things are going great and without a hitch! Fantastic!
's  wedding
 |  Minneapolis, MN, USA  |  06/21/2010  | 
Such a good feeling to get things checked off the list, and the BM dresses are a BIG one! Hooray!
loveatthebeach's Blue wedding
 |  Portsmouth, NH, USA  |  06/22/2010  | 
It definitely is a good feeling! And I know it is a little early for the BM dresses but I'm glad we know what we're getting so we don't have to worry about it cuz I'm not sure where my MOH is going to be in the fall and the FH's sister lives in NY so it is hard to get everyone together to look.
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