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About us.

How long did you date before you got engaged?
-About 5 years

Was the proposal a complete surprise?
-Extremely. I knew he would, but wasn't expecting it when he did!

Did you cry when he proposed?
No, I laughed. I couldn't believe it!

Was the proposal romantic or creative? Explain how if you'd like.
A little of both. We were at a hockey game, where we first met 5 years ago. He took me out to the car during the intermission, saying he forgot something in his car...I had no idea. He got down on one knee in the parking lot...It was soo cute.

Have you gone over your original wedding budget?
Not yet, fingers crossed.

What day of the year will your wedding be?
April 28, 2012

What kind of weather?
In Michigan the weather can be anything in April.. I'm hoping for a calm, sunny day...

Inside or outside?

How many people will be there?
About 200

Time of day?
Wedding at 4. Dinner at 6

How many bridesmaids?

What kind of cake/what will it look like?
Marble, still haven't done the design yet.

Where will you have the reception?
The Vineyards

What kind of dress will you have/color/material?
White... I don't want to give details, in case he sees this!

How will you wear your hair?
I haven't decided!

Will the reception be big or small?
just right.

What will the groom wear?
A tux.

Will it be modest or costly?
Modest. We are still going to college, but it will definitely be beautiful. Im doing a lot of DIY

How old will you and the groom be?
I will be 21, he will be 23

How long will you be engaged before you get married?
Just over one year.

Live together before or wait till married?
Living together just before the wedding

Take a long time to plan the wedding or will it be simple?
The whole engagement, so just over a year.

Will you do it yourself or with family or hire someone to plan the wedding?
Myself, with help of family & friends.

Will you write your own vows or use something pre-made?
princesni's Pink wedding
 |  Luanda, Luanda, Angola  |  08/03/2011  | 
hismrsb's Purple wedding
 |  Mississauga, ON, Canada  |  08/03/2011  | 
welcome! you will love it here!!!

ps, your getting married a week before me! woohoo 2012 brides!

llevett91's Blue wedding
 |  Muskegon, MI, USA  |  08/03/2011  | 
I've already become addicted to this site!

I've found so many ideas already!
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