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My colors are a brighter blue & light lime green. I am not a flower person, so I have no clue what types of flowers there are. I'm not doing flowers in my centerpieces, but will have bouquets for myself and my girls. If anyone can give me names of flowers that come in greens/blues I'd appreciate it!
carrieann's Green wedding
 |  Cincinnati, OH, USA  |  08/02/2011  | 
Choose ones you like no matter what the color, they can use a special floral spraypaint to color them. But if you are looking for bright colors, my dad got me flowers once when I was sick that were almost neon colors, not painted, they sell them at Krogers, if you have one of those. If not this is what they look like, but brighter in person:

I think they are daisies, and fairly inexpensive.
michelle11's Blue wedding
 |  NY, USA  |  08/06/2011  | 
Hydrangeas come in blue and green, not bright neon shades though.  Maybe you could get white flowers and then have your florist (or you) put some of those rhinestone picks in the middle of each flower.  You can find them on eBay for pretty cheap.  Just look for rhinestone bouquet picks or rhinestone bouquet jewelry.  You could probably find them in bright blue and green.  You could have your bouquets wrapped in blue and green ribbon too to add your colors to them.  :)
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