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Chocolate It's Over!
Chocolate It's Over!Chocolate It's Over!Chocolate It's Over!Chocolate It's Over!Chocolate It's Over!Chocolate It's Over!Chocolate It's Over!Chocolate It's Over!Chocolate It's Over!Chocolate It's Over!Chocolate It's Over!Chocolate It's Over!Chocolate It's Over!Chocolate It's Over!Chocolate It's Over!Chocolate It's Over!Chocolate It's Over!
It's Over!
We had a wonderful wedding except that it rained :-( Tracy and the staff at the Willows were AWESOME! Our photographers Grant and Bianca were WONDERFUL and so was our videographer Greg who we just hired a few days before the wedding.

Our friend words can explain how thankful we are to her for everything she has done for us. Our day wouldn't have went by so smoothly without her help. She is definitely a blessing in our lives!

My Emcee Aaron and his wife Kiinani did a great job researching our bio's and we are so thankful. Kiinani and Kristen also worked our reception table and did a great job.

My makeup/hair lady did a fantastic job. I'd definitely recommend her to anyone. Her name is Vicky Nguyen and her website is

My daughter Shanara and my sister Brandy were a great help and looked very beautiful that day. (I'll post some pics when I get it) My daughter wrote a very touching speech which almost made me cry.

The only thing that was AWFUL was our cake. It was supposed to be a brown/ivory color but the cake place (Cake Works formerly Mary Catherine's) called us friday morning (less then 24-hours before my wedding) to tell us that they could not get the color right.....then she even suggested I can come and pick a new design. I was so upset! Then I walk into my reception room the next day to find a green/yellow cake! I couldn't believe they did that without even telling us or even giving us an apology. We paid over $500 for that cake!

Anyways here are some pics that our photographer gave us that day....they came out beautiful and we afe definitely looking forward to getting the rest of them.

GOOD LUCK to all of you! ;-)
Chair Covers
Chair Covers
Table/Chair Covers
We have decided to decorate our reception tables with chair covers. They will be ivory with a chocolate sash. We were also going to have them place a chocolate table runner. It wasn't something we were really planning on but it looks so beautiful.
These are the dresses that I decided on they are from Mori Lee. They are beautiful and look great on my sister and my daughter.
Response Card lucida calligrahpy
Wine Label copy
Response Card lucida calligrahpy
Wine Label copyResponse Card lucida calligrahpy
I finally got my invitations yesterday. They came out beautiful. We had them custom designed at Paper Island by Jared who was AWESOME! He also designed my wine labels and my stencils for my center pieces.
Bev Kaneshige-Updo
White Flowers
Bev Kaneshige-Updo
Hair - Kate Beckinsale
White FlowersupdoBev Kaneshige-UpdoHair - Kate BeckinsaleHairstyle
Wedding Hair Style
I'd like to have my hair in a nice updo but not sure if I will have flowers or a tiara in my hair. I guess it all depends on what will match with my dress.
On the Beach
On the Beach
On the BeachRings
Wedding Photography
We went to the Brides Club bridal expo in January and were both overwhelmed with everything that was there. I think more then 50% of the vendors were photographers. We knew that we would have a lot to choose from but did not want to spend alot of time trying to interview with everyone. It just so happended we looked online at a couple of them and found out that Bianca Phototgraphy was located in our same area. So we made an appointment with her and she was just great! I'm so happy to have found her and she will also be taking out engagment pics which we have still yet to decide when/where we want to take them. I'm thinking probably on the beach in the sunset would be really nice :-)
We were thinking about going on an Alaskan Cruise for our honeymoon but they don't do cruises after September because it is to cold. So then we were thinking about maybe going on a cruise to the Bahamas. Not sure what we will do but maybe we can just go to Vegas to relax after the wedding and plan to go on an Alaskan cruise at a later time.
PinkWhite Bouquet
Pink Bouquet
PinkWhite Bouquet
White_Pink Bouquet
Chocolate Wedding FlowersPink BouquetPinkWhite BouquetWhite_Pink BouquetPlumeria
Wedding Flowers
I still have not decided what color of flowers i'd like to have......i was thinking of pink or red........

Meaning of flowers and their colors

Red - Love, beauty, courage and respect
White - Purity and innocence, mystic or secrecy
Pink - Appreciation ,"Thank you", Happiness, Admiration
Dark Pink - Appreciation, gratitude
Light Pink - admiration, sympathy
Yellow - Joy, gladness, friendship, delight, the promise of a new beginning, Sunny day
Orange - Desire, and Enthusiasm
Red and White - Given together, these signify unity.
Red Rosebud - A symbol of Romance, Passion and loveliness
White Rosebud - Symbolic Grace Love and Purity
Thorn less Rose - Signifies "Love at first sight
The Wine Experience
The Wine Experience
We bottled wine for our wedding and were going to have a bottle on each table. The restaurant will not let us serve the wine so we were planning to have a game to give as a gift. (The centerpieces are already going to be given to our family/friends that helped us)....Anyone have any suggestions for a good game??
Honu Cookie
Honu Cookie
Honu Cookiecustfavdiy_sqtin_heartslabel_brown_subpersonalized_votive_holder_150personalized_wine_glass150
I'm down to a few ideas for favors.....i'd like something personalized that my guests can keep.  (I would use the same design as my centerpieces below) My fiance wants to order cookies......i'm not sure what to do still but these are some of the ideas that I have.

I like the wine glasses but we will have some children attending so that might not be a good idea......

I like the candle votives which by the way can be used as a shot glass.

I also like the tin can which we can just fill up with candy.......

As for the cookies we would just order all turtle cookies.


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The Willows
The Willows
Bianca Photography
We wanted something more personal so we are trying to keep our wedding a bit small.
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