Black 30 Day Shred day 1

30 Day Shred
day 1

just did my first day of workout with Jillian Michael's 30 day shred. it may only be 20 minutes but it is an intense 20 minutes & all the brides that have tried it ain't lying.. that work out kicked my ass. but i suppose it should, right? never has a shower & bottle of water felt sooo good. im amazed i even walked back down my stairs.. !! i'll keep you posted :)
gorgeous6's Pink wedding
 |  Katy, TX, USA  |  08/19/2009  | 
I am buying this when i get off work in a minute and going to do it before bed. I am glad it works though, thanks for the post, you pushed me that much further to go and get it.
futuremrskennedy's Green wedding
 |  USA  |  08/19/2009  | 
Ohh, I'm jealous! I need to tone up my arms and abs!
I have been meaning to start working out but it's hard to start without motivation and someone around to work out with.

Other than the dvd, is there any other equipment you need?
kbreunig's Black wedding
 |  Knightdale, NC, USA  |  08/19/2009  | 
i got it on half.com for $7 just so you know!! and yeah, you need small weights. WHICH i was not aware of & need to buy (i used 2 water bottles haha). i have a hard time motivating myself but its got upbeat music going and you do push yourself through it. its so worth it.
futuremrskennedy's Green wedding
 |  USA  |  08/19/2009  | 
Good to know.
Haha, yeah... luckily I was informed on the water bottle trick. It saves money (when you're trying to save up and spend your money on a wedding, the last thing you need to do is spend money elsewhere)... thank you for letting me know!
Hopefully I'll be able to buy it this week.
princessfortheday's Purple wedding
 |  Toronto, ON, Canada  |  08/20/2009  | 
That's awesome!  I have to check it out!
chellie's Blue wedding
 |  Dayton, OH, USA  |  08/20/2009  | 
This is really one of the best workouts EVER. I'm a huge fan of The Firm, but Jillian really makes a DAMN GOOD workout! You'll start noticing changes in your body, but probably no real weight loss unless you're changing your diet as well. While I was doing it (I've been a lazy butt), I saw changes in my arms, butt, and legs within the first week.

This is a fabulous workout! I do agree with the shower and bottle of water though!
neuweg03's Black wedding
 |  Muscatine, IA, USA  |  08/20/2009  | 
Just mine in the mail yesterday...my first WO will be tonight after work!
dayjane's Black wedding
 |  Ann arbor, MI, USA  |  08/20/2009  | 
This is great to know!   I was looking for something fun but effective.  This may be it for me :)  Off to half.com!
hlrheawedding's Black wedding
 |  Jefferson city, MO, USA  |  08/20/2009  | 
Keep it up!  I'm considering buying this!
sema84's Black wedding
 |  Marmaris, Lezhe, Turkey  |  08/20/2009  | 
right thats it!!! I have to buy this now LOL thanks for the tip!
littlemissa24's Pink wedding
 |  Fort walton beach, FL, USA  |  08/20/2009  | 
I love this video!
I've been doing it for two weeks now, and definitely see results!
You'll definitely break a sweat doing this video.
kbreunig's Black wedding
 |  Raleigh, NC, USA  |  08/20/2009  | 
i can't really ever remember sweating as much as i did during this workout! definitely felt some heat. and DEFINITELY feeling it today, but i don't even care. so worth it!
gonzo17's Blue wedding
 |   |  09/03/2009  | 
totally bought her dvd yesterday on amazon.com for $6.98! knt wait for it to come in! i'm going to the gym mon-wed & im gona start doing her workout after the gym & on thursdays!! its a lot 2 take on-i know, but im a workout junky! i go running around this lake we have here in austin where a lot of ppl run @ THEN i'll go 2 the gym too after haha. its CRUNCH time for me! ij ust had a baby 5 1/2 wks ago! weddings in 10 wks!
ahhhh idk what i was thinking taking all this on!
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