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Garter set
Garters by Kristi
This girl is awesome. Garters by Kristi is The website to get your garter set to match any color scheme you choose. Like i said my first color choice was hot pink and lime green and that's what I ordered. Well now I've changed my colors and she had the perfect match to my new color scheme. Plus she is exchanging it with no hassle.
Chocolate Wedding Dress Simple is what I wanted
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Wedding Dress
Simple is what I wanted
I love my dress. I did some pre shopping online before I went into David's Bridal and I picked about 5 dresses. This dress was one of my picks but it was on my probably not list. I had my mind set on another dress that had the pinches. Well this was the first dress i tried on and I knew it was the one. Of course everyone else said I could NOT go with the 1st dress so I tried on the other five. In the end everyone agreed this one fit and suited me best. We added the Watermelon sash just messing around and it looked great so we kept it. Simple is what I wanted and simple is what I got. I have taken it back for alterations. It just needs to be hemed. I got back on Feb 27th for another fitting after they alter it. I can't wait I love putting that dress on.
Chocolate Inspiration Board Roller coster of colors...
Inspiration Board
Roller coster of colors...
I have been on such a roller coster with choosing my wedding colors. I originally started off with Tiffany Blue & Brown. Then I found an inspiration board with the colors Hot pink & Lime green and I loved it so I changed my colors. I just thought it fit perfect with my simple summer wedding. Well I got my wedding dress from David's bridal and I wanted to add a sash & the closes they have to hot pink was either Watermelon or Azalea and the Azalea has a purple tint to it so that one was out. The Watermelon is more of a deeper pink. Well I started to buy things and realized I wasn't getting the same shade of pink as my sash and I wasn't happy. So now I'm changing my colors again for the LAST time. I'm keeping the Watermelon sash to go off of and my seond color is now brown (set in stone) and I am so relieved.


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Jun 20, 2009
Aransas Pass, Texas, United States
I'm hoping for a smooth day of joy & fun. We are having our ceremony, reception & party at the same location. Our ceremony will probably start at 6pm with pictures immediatly following then dinner & party.
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