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Card box
Card box
Wedding Decoration
Card Box
Got my Card box today! I love it! Goes with my Zebra and Fuschia theme!!!! =o) I gave the girl who did it the details of my wedding and she whipped this up for me hehe!!
MIL Issues
I love her but she is a friggin PIA!
Okay! So my FMIL is so noisy about my friggin wedding!!! always asking questions! email my fiance to make sure i do this and that!!! Okay my wedding is cositing over 75K! His side is paying for nothing! i think they should just sit back and shush!!!! My FMIL wants to walk my fiance down the aisle at the wedding!!!! along with is dad on the other side!!!!! I told her no!!! now she keeps on going to my fiance saying it would mean a lot to her and blah blah!!!! I think he will look wierd! and like a mammas boy!!!! I told him he is going to wait up in the front with the Bestman and the officiant!!!! to me that is the normal way and the way i always see it!!!! I dont want her to win this battle!!! she is so annoying!!!!!!! I am work so hard on this wedding and my parents are paying for everything including the rehearsal dinner and breakfast do the out of town guests which is 95 percent his side!!!! Ughhhh but the big thing is i dont want his mommy and daddy walking him down the aisle!!!!!!! I will be mordified!!!!!
What should I do??? i already told her no and its not happening but she keeps bother my fiance!!!!! Sweet Jesus!!!!! grrrrrrr hehe
Invites 021
Invites 021
Centerpiece shower
Invites 024
Invites 021Centerpiece showerInvites 024Pink Bridal Shower Had my bridal shower last weekend!Pink Bridal Shower Had my bridal shower last weekend!
Bridal Shower
Had my bridal shower last weekend!
I had my shower last sunday!!! It was awsome!! I was very nervous before it so i starting drinking early on! i felt so bad i was drunk throughout the WHOLE party!!! hehe!!! I dont remember opening gifts!! but apparently i did and after each gift i opened my friend wrote down what i said next to the persons name who i got ithe gift from...OMG!!!!!!! But oh well I had fun! apparently so did everyone else so that is all that matters!!!!! =o)
shower, pink
Invites 016
Invites 016
Invites 019
Invites 020
Invites 024
Invites 026
Invites 022
Invites 025
Invites 016Invites 019Invites 020Invites 024Invites 026Invites 022Invites 025
Wedding Invitation
They came in!!!
Finally got my invites!!! Fushia, Zebra and with the swarski crystal!!! Exactly what I wanted!!! =o) so excited to mail these bad boys out =o)
Summer 2010 048
Summer 2010 047
Summer 2010 048
Summer 2010 047Summer 2010 048
Wedding Decoration
Center Pieces!
Hello girls!! So I went yesterday to the even planner for my wedding!!! He showed me a sample of what my feather center pieces will look like!! YAY!!!!

It looks kind of plain now BUT we will be lit up with pink lights!!! I looked so good with the lights on!!! I lovey =)

PS that is NOT the table setting i will be using hehe
Pink Ask a Question Please Help!!
Ask a Question
Please Help!!
Hi Ladies!!! Does anyone happen to know any good websites that I could order Table Linens from??? I am trying to find Fushia runners! My wedding hall doesnt have that color runner! If they special order it for me it will be $18 a runner!!! which i think is allot to rent!!!!
Thank you all for your help!!

PS. computer is being a bitch can't upload photos today =(
Jessica Bday and wedding stuff 031
Jessica Bday and wedding stuff 031
Jessica Bday and wedding stuff 028
Jessica Bday and wedding stuff 029
Jessica Bday and wedding stuff 030
Jessica Bday and wedding stuff 034
Jessica Bday and wedding stuff 036
Jessica Bday and wedding stuff 031Jessica Bday and wedding stuff 028Jessica Bday and wedding stuff 029Jessica Bday and wedding stuff 030Jessica Bday and wedding stuff 034Jessica Bday and wedding stuff 036
Wedding Hair Style
Hair Trial! Loved it!
Finaly went for my hair trial!!!! my friend is an amazing hair stylist so she did it for me YAY!!!! =) she is doing my whole wedding party!!!!
let me know what u think!!!! i wanted to kinda wear my hair to one side because i have a rip in my left ear from when i was mugged and got my earing ripped out a few yrs ago!!! i never got it fixed tho!! too scared too LOL!!! but here are the pics!!
Jessica Bday and wedding stuff 012
Jessica Bday and wedding stuff 012
Jessica Bday and wedding stuff 013
Jessica Bday and wedding stuff 017
Jessica Bday and wedding stuff 016
Jessica Bday and wedding stuff 020
Jessica Bday and wedding stuff 014
Jessica Bday and wedding stuff 012Jessica Bday and wedding stuff 013Jessica Bday and wedding stuff 017Jessica Bday and wedding stuff 016Jessica Bday and wedding stuff 020Jessica Bday and wedding stuff 014
Wedding Dress
Went for my first fitting!!
Omg so yesterday I went to my first dress fitting!!!! I was feeling such anxiety when i had the dress on!! I eventually got over it though!!! I kept on thinking about the awesome honey moon to aruba we are going to LOL!!
My dress has LOTS of layers!! I didnt realize how much work has to go in to it! OMG i was actually starting to feel bad! They didnt mind but still wow I didnt think it was that big of a job but it is!!! I trust they will do a good job tho!!! look at my pics! let me know what you lovely ladies think!!hehe!!
Cake balls 7
Cake balls 7
Cake balls 7Cakeballs1RedVelvetCakeBalls_3
Wedding Favors
What do you think about Cake Balls??!! MMMmmMM
I think for wedding favors I am going to go with Cake balls! I don't know about you all but I lose everything I get from weddings! I figure food you can't go wrong with!!!!
I would probably do red velvet cake balls and then another flavor... Decorate it in Pink or zebra print... I wont do it I am going to have a bakery do it... hehe And then have them wrapped up in a nice box!!
So friggin sad
I went to the gym early this morning...Met with the trainer there so they could do my weight and measurment... which i do every month.... I never went to this one before... .But she told me I was a little bit on the heavy side and should lose at least 10 lbs.... I have been the same weight for the last couple of yrs and jus twanted to maintain and not gain any for the wedding...... I didnt think I needed lose that much... I am so upset... No i am wondering if any of the trainers didnt say anything because they felt bad? which I doubt or if they were just too lazy to say anything!! I am 5'3 and 125..... I didnt think that was considered heavy,.... Now i am really worried.... I over came bulimia in hs and my early 20's!! i am sooo scared I am going to go crazy and do it again!!! Crap now I will be dwelling on it for weeks!!!!!!! Sooooo madddd


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I want to have a Fuchsia and Black with some zebra print accents. Those have always been my colors!! I am known for being very different and unique so this really wont come to a surprse for most people! we will be having about 225 quests in a large beautiful ballroom in North Jersey.
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