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What are you getting your attendants as gifts?

I have never been in a wedding party and my FH has stood in 7. I need some ideas please??
We have a small wedding party 3 BM and 3 GM.
Also what types of gifts do you exchange for each other?
misstrisha's Blue wedding
 |  Brandon, FL, USA  |  12/05/2010  | 
My gifts are on my blog if you want to check it out  =)
marawson's Purple wedding
 |  Cedar rapids, IA, USA  |  12/05/2010  | 
I am getting my bridesmaids Coach wrist let purses. Each one is going to be different to match all their personalities. I am also going to put things inside the purses a pocket mirror, lip gloss, a travel size perfume from Victoria's secret and a small piece of jewelry like a bracelet, earnings, or a brooch. As for groomsmen gifts we are buying their shirts for the wedding (we are having a colored shirt instead of the traditional white or black), and then a personalized wallet with a money clip. My brother makes his own wine so we are also giving each person in our party a bottle of homemade wine with a personalized label. Our head table will also have personalized beer mugs for the guys to keep and personalized wine glasses for the girls. For gifts between me and my FH I am at a complete loss! I hope this helps though!
vintageweepikachu's Pink wedding
 |  Crete, IL, USA  |  12/06/2010  | 
getting sterling silver rings that match their personality...they are a steal on ebay...I am purchasing one every two weeks...
hashbrown's Pink wedding
 |  London, ON, Canada  |  12/06/2010  | 
My Bridemaids are getting their jewlery and I am paying for their hair, makeup, manicures and pedicures.

Our men are getting personalized poker sets.
's  wedding
 |  Tampa, FL, USA  |  12/06/2010  | 
I got my 3 attendants a damask handbag & inside I put a sterling silver heart key chain & compact mirror.
annamarie's Blue wedding
 |  Brockville, ON, Canada  |  12/07/2010  | 
We haven't decided on our bridesmaids and groomsmen yet but our flowergirls will be getting "summer buckets". Our wedding is in May, just as summer fun begins, so we plan on fillinh sand pails with summer toys. Something I know our flower girls would like.
maybride2011's Pink wedding
 |  Columbus, OH, USA  |  12/11/2010  | 
I'm going to be paying for the hair which is about $50 each and then maybe something like Marawson did for her girls (: I think that would be super cute! We havent decided on what to get the groomsmen yet though.
jenniferbelanger4's Black wedding
 |  Barrie, ON, Canada  |  12/12/2010  | 
because we only have three attendants each, Jon and I decided to get the guys cigar humidors... and we'll engrave just off to the side a little personalized note thanking them for being apart of our big day! what do you think of that Idea?
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