Pomanders <3
Pomanders <3

Wedding Flowers

So it's official... I'm excited for this wedding. Don't get me wrong, I was always happy about getting married, but I just was not feeling the whole wedding planning thing. Until I met my photographer, and she got me really excited. So I have spent the last week and a half pretending to work, and have c&p'ed so many pictures onto my computer that its a good thing my hardrive was replaced last month.

Anyways, so I have been obsessed with pomander balls for quite some time. I have to have them. I want to hang them on shepherds hooks along the aisle during the ceremony. I know they're super easy to make, and I'm sure with the help of some very crafty friends (and their moms), we could whip them out in no time. But I dont want to do a lot of DIY projects. I do not have the time available to commit myself to a lot of projects. So I was surfing around on Etsy (best website ever, if you've never heard of it), and I found someone that makes them! And for a killer price too... probably less than I would be able to make them for! So now I'm super excited because the girl will do them in whatever colors I want, and now I know that I will for sure have them!! YAY!
tashasita's Purple wedding
 |  Toronto, ON, Canada  |  01/21/2010  | 
ETSY rocks! So right! I'm with you, I COULD do DIY, but I don't have a ton of time, and in my case, I'm just not that talented LOL, so I contracted out most stuff. :)
tashasita's Purple wedding
 |  Toronto, ON, Canada  |  01/21/2010  | 
Oh sidenote, I don't know how much you found poms for, but I had a WBC bride do mine for me. She is awesome. Screen name is trombonechick and website www.unmistakablyyou.com
missyb's Blue wedding
 |  Milwaukee, WI, USA  |  01/21/2010  | 
I really want some too but they can get a little pricey.  Please share who you are ordering them from.
shawnamarie0509's Green wedding
 |  Newton, NJ, USA  |  01/21/2010  | 
Ooo, share your find!!!
's  wedding
 |  Mercer island, WA, USA  |  01/22/2010  | 
there's a few different sellers on there... i cant remember the names of them, but there is definitely more than one!
futuremrsmarin's Pink wedding
 |  Falls church, VA, USA  |  02/12/2010  | 
I was going to DIY my poms but my sample one turned out to be more expensive than I had anticipated. Then I came across trombonechick as well, and NOW shes making my poms for my BM's and 1 of my Fg's..Shes an awesome person to work with..
futuremrsmarin's Pink wedding
 |  Falls church, VA, USA  |  02/12/2010  | 
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Hey ladies. So today I received my flowers!!!! I was a little scared because of someone telling m...
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