Where do I get them?

Does anyone know where I can find sparklers? I live in Arizona and it's illegal to sell fireworks here...I'm not sure if sparklers are included in that rule, but I wouldn't know where to buy them anyway....so I'm kind of at a loss. Any thoughts?
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 |  Tucson, AZ, USA  |  08/31/2009  | 
Try this website:


Hope this helps.

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 |  Newport, MN, USA  |  08/31/2009  | 
Here are a couple others that I looked at too:


melissac8481's Black wedding
 |  Newport, MN, USA  |  08/31/2009  | 
You can't buy fireworks in Minnesota either, but sparklers and some other small ones are allowed.  You might have to look this up on your state's website.
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 |  Dayton, OH, USA  |  08/31/2009  | 
Sparklers online has your best options. You'll want them to last a little longer than standard sparklers. If you check out my blog, I have two sections with tons of the sites that have been listed on here, including this one.

https://www.sparklersonline.com/ (sparklers)
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 |  Dartmouth, NS, Canada  |  01/28/2010  | 
I don't know about Arizona, but here you can get them at Dollar Stores.
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