Wedding Hair Style
I changed my mind again.. lol

So after watching breaking dawn lol (yes i am a twi-hard lol) I wanted something cute and modern for my hair like bellas.

And here is what i have come up with.
braid, up do
ourrenewalsagain's Pink wedding
 |  North highlands, CA, USA  |  03/14/2012  | 
Ohhhh, i love these dooos!!!
tiffanyranaekasten's Orange wedding
 |  Knox, IN, USA  |  03/14/2012  | 
love the hair styles and i love that movie haha i love her dress and her hair in that moviei really like the middle picture
littlelamb's Purple wedding
 |  Petrolia, ON, Canada  |  03/14/2012  | 
love them! braids are so cute and classy at the same time!!!
made4him's Black wedding
 |  Mcdonough, GA, USA  |  03/15/2012  | 
I love them. You just gave me ideas for my BM.
kiamisha24's Chocolate wedding
 |  Schenectady, NY, USA  |  03/27/2012  | 
OMG, this is too funny, I picked out 2 of the 3 hairstyles you choose and the only reason I didn't pick the 3rd (braided-wedding) is because I never saw it.  I'm in LOVE with this one!!!  LOL
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