This is genmurray's Black Wedding!

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So I have been engaged since Christmas day 2007 and have had so many ideas and thoughts about how we will have our wedding. Originally we thought about Halloween 2010 but due to where we want to get married (the zoo) we decided to change because of the boo in the zoo function risked being on our wedding date and we didnt want thousands of people crowing my wedding day LOL

New date is april fools (its our anniversary date) of 2011. Our current and most probable theme is going to be native american.

Our plans to date are:

- Decorate the ceremonly venue with dreamcatchers and windchimes, feathery artifacts etc.
- Have our hair braided (nice and cheap too, dont need a hair stylist for this LOL), adding feathers and red ribbon in mine
- Bone chocker necklace (I have alrady bought this really pretty black one)
- Doc boots instead of pretty girly shoes (Im not a girly girl)
- Gerard to have a mohawk (which he already has one so no different)
- Maybe a ribbon shirt for him or his groomsmen
- Apache wedding prayer to be read as the reading (its not a real apache prayer but was once said in a famous native based movie)
- To walk down the isle to a song called "Lakota wedding song"
- Instead of using flowers to decorate the reception, we are using statues of native americans
- will be making my own boquets due to major hayfever problems LOL

Still much more planning to go though, and of course plenty of money saving :)


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Apr 01, 2011
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Planning on having a bit of a native american theme
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