Reserved sign for my sorority sisters
Reserved sign for my sorority sisters
Reserved signs for the parents
Reserved signs for Vince and I. Like anyone is really going to sit in our seats LOL.
Reserved sign for my sorority sistersReserved signs for the parentsReserved signs for Vince and I.  Like anyone is really going to sit in our seats LOL.

Ceremony & Reception
Reserved Signs

So I previously posted about the signs I bought from TJMaxx. I printed them today. For the ceremony, I made a sign to block off the row I am reserving for my sorority sisters who are my honorary bridesmaids :) and reserved signs for the parents (Vince's dad is marrying us which is why there isn't one for him :).

I also made signs for Vince and I at the reception. TOTALLY unnecessary, I just like seeing my new name in print LOL :D.
shawnamarie0509's Green wedding
 |  Pittstown, NJ, USA  |  08/08/2009  | 
I love those! They look great!
faithsophi's Purple wedding
 |  York, ON, Canada  |  08/08/2009  | 
They are cute! I love them. You gave me a good laugh about yours is original <3
tammark2008's Pink wedding
 |  Memphis, TN, USA  |  08/09/2009  | 
I love them Soror, they look great!  Congratulations!  I almost bought these too!  Absolutely gorgeous.
gorgeous6's Pink wedding
 |  Katy, TX, USA  |  08/09/2009  | 
I just read your post, hey soror! Those are so cute!
futuremrspearce09's Black wedding
 |  Beltsville, MD, USA  |  08/09/2009  | 
Love them!!!
futuremrsvince's Pink wedding
 |  Cockeysville, MD, USA  |  08/10/2009  | 
thanks ladies and sorors!!! skeeeee-wee! :D
kandi08's Pink wedding
 |  Little rock, AR, USA  |  08/10/2009  | 
Very nice, Soror!  I went to every TJ Maxx and Michael's looking for these.  No luck. :/  But yours turned our beautifully!
dreamingofpurple's Purple wedding
 |  Redding, CA, USA  |  03/12/2010  | 
They look great. I picked up the white & black small ones to go on the champagne bottle & 1 for the bride & grooms chairs. But, I didn't see the ones w/ the white border. Are yours the small ones are large ones?
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