Red Gumball Machine Complete RED HOT BABY!!
Red Gumball Machine Complete RED HOT BABY!!Red Gumball Machine Complete RED HOT BABY!!Red Gumball Machine Complete RED HOT BABY!!Red Gumball Machine Complete RED HOT BABY!!

Gumball Machine Complete

It's complete girls.... I finally finished our gumball machine... well it actually has RED HOTS in it. I think the sign completes it and makes it look 100 times better.

I also finished our "Fresh Lemonade" signs but haven't had the time to add the ribbon and put them on the containers yet. If I have time this weekend I plan to set everything up and take lots of pictures to get your girls' opinions. I can't wait to see how it all turns out.
babygirlnaenae's Black wedding
 |  Fontana, CA, USA  |  06/12/2010  | 
omg!!! That is sooo freaking cute!!!!  Everyone is going to go nuts over it!  

And your lemonade signs are adorable too!!! :) great job hun!
futuremrsredford's Red wedding
 |  Oakley, CA, USA  |  06/12/2010  | 
Thanks girlie.... :-)  I was thinking it might be too much BUT I absolutely love it!
azvosec's Green wedding
 |  Laredo, TX, USA  |  06/12/2010  | 
Did you make the signs on the computer or are they done with stamps??  Super cute!!
trulyblessed's Black wedding
 |  Las vegas, NV, USA  |  06/12/2010  | 
Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
futuremrswilson's Black wedding
 |  Pineville, LA, USA  |  06/12/2010  | 
aww i love the gumball machine :) SO CUTE!
your lemonade sign is cute too! I see those stamps are coming in handy in every project you do?! lol :) Everything looks great girlie! <33
rainbowdream's Pink wedding
 |  Spokane, WA, USA  |  06/12/2010  | 
Very cute.Your amazzing,your decor is all so classy !
's  wedding
 |  Sacramento, CA, USA  |  06/12/2010  | 
I love it, Jessica!  You stamped the letters yourself of is that a print.  So cool! You are on a roll girl!

Guess what?  I delivered my first wedding cake today. I havent downlloaded the pictures yet, but it turned out amazing!  The bride to be cried!!!!!  Awwww.....I'll post probrably on Monday. I'm so exhausted!
simplyurz31's Black wedding
 |  Lake charles, LA, USA  |  06/12/2010  | 
awesome Jess I love it!
tashasita's Purple wedding
 |  Toronto, ON, Canada  |  06/12/2010  | 
This is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally love it!
jennandian2010's Black wedding
 |  Bossier city, LA, USA  |  06/13/2010  | 
L~O~V~E    IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lampebride's Pink wedding
 |  Belleville, IL, USA  |  06/13/2010  | 
AMAZING idea! Very unique!
fallinlove's Chocolate wedding
 |  Indianapolis, IN, USA  |  06/13/2010  | 
Beautiful!! I love it!!!
seasidesmitten's Blue wedding
 |  Palm coast, FL, USA  |  06/13/2010  | 
Such a cute idea! Your guests are really going to appreciate the details!
's  wedding
 |  Long beach, CA, USA  |  06/13/2010  | 
LOVE..this is soooo cute!
bryde2b's Pink wedding
 |  Dedham, MA, USA  |  06/14/2010  | 
They came out awesome!  Where did you find the gumball machine?
futuremrsredford's Red wedding
 |  Oakley, CA, USA  |  06/14/2010  | 
Thank you girls!!! The signs themselves I purchased at Michaels already pre-cut and the writing is actually stamps that I also purchased at Michaels which made the project really easy.

I found the candy machine at the thrift store about a year ago. It was an awesome find!
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