Tears of Joy
Tears of Joy
Tiffany blue & red tears of joy
Up close and personal
I was on a mission..lol
Tears of JoyTiffany blue & red tears of joyUp close and personalI was on a mission..lol

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Final Touch to Our


What do you girls think of my "Tears of Joy"? I'm not feeling to hot today and decided to lay in bed ALL day! Yet I did have enough energy to finish our "Tears of Joy". I just LOVE them and hope you girls do too.
's  wedding
 |  Charlotte, NC, USA  |  01/30/2010  | 
LOL, the shot where they're all laid out is hilarious!  Everything about these is fabulous!  You did a wonderful job.

Hope you feel better!
drea4306's Green wedding
 |  Norman, OK, USA  |  01/30/2010  | 
look good :) and cute idea!
futuremrsmarin's Pink wedding
 |  Falls church, VA, USA  |  01/30/2010  | 
Good job, and all while not feeling well..Where did you buy those little envelopes??
's  wedding
 |  Rancho cordova, CA, USA  |  01/30/2010  | 
Let's give her a hand ladies. She did a beautiful job on these, while under the weather.

Hope you feel better soon, but keep it way over there! LOL!
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amberroyal's Black wedding
 |  Barrie, ON, Canada  |  01/30/2010  | 
question: tears of joy is free kneelex correct?
like have them outside your wedding?
macbride's Orange wedding
 |  Hamilton, ON, Canada  |  01/30/2010  | 
Love them!
sandydee's Pink wedding
 |  Long beach, CA, USA  |  01/30/2010  | 
Great Job!! They are really cute!!
monikas's Chocolate wedding
 |  Orlando, FL, USA  |  01/30/2010  | 
They're GRReat !!!!! Feel better soon.Care to share how you made them?
Thank you
victorianrosebride2010's Chocolate wedding
 |  Vallejo, CA, USA  |  01/30/2010  | 
I like it so much...... I have to attach a song to it!

Music Playlist at MixPod.com

's  wedding
 |  Encinitas, CA, USA  |  01/31/2010  | 
Aw I hope you feel better soon! But sick did not stop you from rocking out those tears of joy! Love that, I was thinking about doing some...hmmm please do tell how you made them, I might get the bug to do them SMILE

LOL@ Victorianrosebride :)  ooh oooh ooh I like it!
futuremrsredford's Red wedding
 |  Oakley, CA, USA  |  01/31/2010  | 
Thank you girls... I'm actually feeling a lot worse today. Like they say you get worse before you get better *sigh*

*amberroyal* Yes these are free tissues that are given to your guests before the ceremony. Just a special touch to your wedding. Guest will use these if they start crying or in my case in case someone cry's or if they have allergies since our wedding ceremony will be held outside in a garden. Hope this helps.
futuremrsredford's Red wedding
 |  Oakley, CA, USA  |  01/31/2010  | 
How they're made:

When I went to Big Lots previously I had seen these velum packs with confetti in them, loved them but not too sure what I could use them for.... Then I had an idea... Before I purchased them I made sure that pre-packed tissue would fit into them AND THEY DID!! So FH and I carefully opened ALL 120 of them and pored the confetti out. I then stuffed a few of them with the tissue and wrapped them with some left over ribbon I had. The velum packets came in a pack of 20 and were only $2 a pack at the time. I'm not sure if Big lot's is still carrying them or not. I looked on Martha Stewarts website and she doesnt carry them anymore... guess they were discontinued. Hope this helps and happy planning.
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