This is futuremrslangley's Blue Wedding!

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My bouquet
My bouquet
Wedding Flowers
My Bouquet
Velvet-stemmed Tweedia add that something blue to a white-on-white bouquet of spray and tea roses, Lisianthius buds and flowers, and Ranunculus.

I love the different textures of this bouquet, there's a little blue in there too which matches my bridesmaids. I fell in love with it at first sight =)
Blue Bridesmaids My Bridal Party
My Bridal Party
So i've picked my girls! Well in all honesty it was always going to be these two =)

Kate: My maid/matron of honour (matron of honour makes her sound old, shes my age!) We've been best friends since the first year of highschool we've had plenty of ups and downs but she has been there for me through everything and i couldn'd ask for a more loyal friend to stand by my side at my wedding. She's also fantastic at sticking her foot up my butt when im procrastinating =)

Gabby: My bridesmaid and baby sister. We gave each other hell growing up but we've been through a lot together and im so proud of the person she is growing into. Love ya sis!

Now, if only i could get Ray to choose his side....
Wedding Wishing Stones
Wedding Wishing Stones
Displayed in vase
Wedding Wishing StonesDisplayed in vase
Wedding Reception
Wishing Stones instead of Guest Book
I had been searching for an idea for a guestbook that wasn't quite a guestbook and this is the idea i've decided on. It's cute and it's something that we can look at daily instead of a book gathering dust on the shelf.

More pictures can be found here:

I love it!
Inspiration Board
Turquoise Inspiration
I made my own!

Haha random images that caught my eye when i googled "Turquoise Wedding".
Blue The Proposal Its a long story...
The Proposal
Its a long story...
Just wanted to share the beautiful photo taken of the best moment of my life, when the man of my dreams asked me to become his wife.

Moments before this was picture taken i had told him off for trying to boss me around! He still proposed <3


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Sep 21, 2012
Somersby, NSW, Australia
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David Benson
We are planning an intimate and fun wedding with 50 of our closest friends and family.
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