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Cereal Bar...
So, tonight while I was trying to get my son to sleep I was watching previously recorded episodes of Get Married. Jason Biggs wedding... talk about GORGEOUS! I loved every detail! They hung chandeliers in the trees too, great idea! ;) I am working on my big chandelier right now, I should be done with it by tomorrow. I don't have much left it all just depends on how much Miles (my son) lets me do and how much he expects me to play with him.

Anyway, they had breakfast served for dinner (I am thinking about serving it at 2pm or 3pm but dinner would be great too) AND they had a cereal bar. No, not like a granola bar. They had different kinds of cereal out with milk. Nothing too fancy looking either. Anyway, I decided that I LOVE this idea. We were already talking about serving brunch and then a dessert bar to follow, but I think having cereal as one of the menu options for breakfast would be great. It would really help bring in the casual, laid back & fun feeling that we're trying to capture (though I can't help but want the vintage glam look).
Wedding Decoration
Blessings & Advice Tree
Ahh, I am not getting along with my computer right now! It has been the biggest pain for the last few days! I already made this post but am having to redo it (same thing with the last 2 posts!). All because of some stupid malfunction.

I have been loving the crystal tree look since Bride's released it in their magazine a few years ago. Since then, I have been certain that it will be a "showpiece" in my wedding. Luckily, it goes perfect with the vintage glam look AND it will accent well with the chandeliers hanging in the tree. I have decided I want to give it a purpose though, so it is going to be on our guestbook table, used for hanging "blessings" and "advice" on. Our guestbook will be next to it, holding engagement pictures (we will put the blessings & advice paper in it after the wedding).
I found a graphic I really like online, played around with photoshop and now I have the sign to put on the base (probably a pot since the tree will be heavy) and the papers themselves. Now I just need to string them with ribbon, go outside and cut down part of a madrone tree, spray paint it gold then add the crystals!
Oh, and the graphics color on the computer looks more aqua than electric blue, but with my luck it prints out electric blue! Awesome, but strange!
Green Bridal Shower Bridal Shower Theme...
Green Bridal Shower Bridal Shower Theme...kitchen_tea
Bridal Shower
Bridal Shower Theme...
I tried to update this so that people can actually read it, even though it's pretty long.

So lately, my MOH has been asking me what I want for the theme of my bridal shower. I have had the idea for a while but wasn't able to put it into words until I went shopping the other day with my kids and we went into a small boutique called Brocante Boutique. It was a vintage parisian shop... trust me, I didn't want to leave.

Anyway, the theme is 1950’s Stepford/Trophy Wives. I am going to buy a vintage dress and wear some cute pumps. I think the theme fits in perfectly for a bridal shower because you’re receiving gifts for your home and a stepford wife would be a homemaker. Of course, if any women who are pro-feminism a little too much and think that it’s an insult to stay at home, then they’ll possibly be appalled by my shower theme. It’s my shower though and I will be a homemaker for the next several years, so it works.
I don't really know the exact details as far as decorations, etc. That's really not my job and I need to quit taking over (hard for me to do), but I don't want to play any games. We'll most likely have brunch, a few signature cocktails (mimosa's, stepford wife and pink stiletto are just a few ideas), everyone will receive a recipe card in their invitation asking them to write down their favorite recipe. There will be extra cards at the shower for those who forgot (or would like to add more...)
The colors will be pink, black & white.

I found these recipe cards online and LOVE them. They're the ones that I plan to use. Print them on white cardstock, cut them to the correct size and then stuff them into the envelopes with the invitations. so simple yet the style of them speaks volumes when it comes to the vintage theme.

Now I just need to find my dress and heels!
Ask a Question
Food... How Does This Sound?
Lately I have been debating on what to serve when it comes to food.
A wedding I recently attended served small plywood platters (made to look like cutting boards) of cheese and fruit before dinner was served. Another thing they did was, after dinner and before cake the bridesmaids walked around with trays of fudgesicles, popsicles and ice cream sandwiches. I will be getting married in November, the reception will be outdoors, so most likely we'll skip the ice cream but I would still love to incorporate that idea in somehow.

ANYWAY... I have been wanting to have a dessert buffet because I think it's fun (and I have a huge sweet tooth) but I also wanted some kind of substance.

I am thinking of having a daytime wedding, serving brunch and then afterwards serving desserts. It would all be served buffet style, except for the cutting board platters.

Brunch Menu (so far)
- Spinach, swiss & bacon quiche
- Ham & cheddar quiche
- Pigs in a blanket (sausages wrapped in biscuits)
- Fresh fruit
- I would like to think of something fun... like pancakes or something, but not messy. I definitely want to add more to the menu though.

Dessert Menu
- Banana Pudding
- Mini Cheesecakes
- Mini donuts
- Cookies (probably snickerdoodles) with shots of milk
- Rice Krispy Treats
- Cotton Candy would be ADORABLE, but how much of a hassle would it be?

Cakes... we will have 6 small cakes
- Pumpkin Spice w/ Cream Cheese Frosting
- Banana Spice w/ Cream Cheese & Whipped Cream Frosting
- White Cake w/ Mint Buttercream
- Chocolate Cake w/ Mint Buttercream
- Orange Cream Cake
- White Chocolate Raspberry

We have a chocolate fountain that we could use, but I already feel like we are incorporating too much chocolate since Mr. Kennedy is allergic to chocolate.

What do you ladies think? Any suggestions?

I love this picture... the idea of having desserts tiered, cute!
Dessert Stand
Green DIY Wedding A Few Things DIY...
DIY Wedding
A Few Things DIY...
The Guestbook.
Now, it's not the most beautiful thing I have ever let eyes on and it does look like a 5 year old did it. I am trying to think of a way to make it look better. It was ivory with funky drawings on it so it looks MUCH better than it did, but it definitely could still use some work.
Any suggestions?

Our invitations.
They're not completed yet and this is just the mock-up. The darker spots on the green paper is actually stains from glue. I was trying to use glue on the invitation "sleeve" and the glue wasn't coming out of the bottle (it WAS open) so I squeezed harder, the top popped off and there was glue EVERYWHERE. Talk about a nightmare!
Anyway... here's the mock-up. The inside will have our information.
1st Sheet - vellum paper
2nd Sheet - engagement picture (no, the one shown is just an advertisement)
3rd Sheet - Invitation wording
4th Sheet - Picture request sheet (asking them to upload pictures they take to our wedding website)
5th Sheet - RSVP info
6th Sheet - map

Yeah, that's A LOT to put in an envelope.

There is a different kind of paper at Michael's that I love, but Michael's scrapbook paper is more expensive than Hobby Lobby's. The green linen paper from Hobby Lobby was 29 cents, the green paper that I like at Michael's is 59 or 79 cents. Gorgeous though! It also has more of a glam look to it.
Also, the papers will most likely be champagne/light gold with red writing. I figured red paper would be a bit too much but I need to incorporate that color in somehow.

Our "I DO" and momogram letters
I'm wondering if I should add another K. I made these last year and I thought I did but can't find it. Anyway, it just so happens that his last name is Kennedy, so really... that could either pass for both of our first initials OR his first and last initial.
Also, on the letters it looks like there are a few smudges. I don't know what that is but it's not on the actual letters.


Last but NOT least... a picture frame!
My mom bought this for $2 since it doesn't have glass or a back. As you can see, the previous owners used it to hang stuff on. I LOVE the apple green, but it's not one of my colors so I will be painting this either blue, red or dark green. It will be a project for later because we haven't taken our engagement pictures and the color I paint the frame will depend on what looks best with the e-pic we choose.

Anyway... that's it for now. If anyone has any advice for the guestbook, I am all ears!
Bridesmaid Dresses...
When I first started planning our wedding, I wanted my MOH to be set apart. We decided on completely different dresses than we have now and our colors were different. Well, now that we have a different color scheme and have a general idea of what we want, I would still like my MOH to be set apart in some way.
Thing is, I was going to keep the same color but different dresses but I LOVE the bridesmaid dresses we have picked out and so does she. So, I stumbled upon this picture today and it gave me an idea. If I keep their flowers the same, I can keep their dresses the same but a different color.
For some reason, it won't let me upload the inspiration picture (it has done this before when I tried to make a post about feather fascinators)...
Bridesmaid Inspiration

So, this is what I'm thinking. MOH will either be in cornflower (1st pic) or horizon (2nd pic) and the rest of the girls will be in the other color. They'll all hold red bouquets and will have a red feather fascinator in their hair.

Be honest... how will that look?
Here is a silly photoshop picture of the cornflower blue dress and a red feather fascinator (red flower with feathers).
Flower Girl Dress
The One She Likes...
It's not my favorite, but like I said... this dress is about her.
It's definitely my favorite out of the ones she picked though. I do think it's pretty, it's just not exactly what I had in mind.
It is a little more grown up and she is 6.

She wants to wear high heels with it and I'm sitting here thinking, "you're still a baby... my little girl, noooo!!!!"
Green Flower Girl Dress I LOVE It!
Green Flower Girl Dress I LOVE It!Green Flower Girl Dress I LOVE It!Green Flower Girl Dress I LOVE It!
Flower Girl Dress
So this morning I was looking at my to-do list for the wedding and am trying to tackle as much as possible given that the reception site has yet to be confirmed.
Anyway, I started looking at flower girl dresses. This is special because she's not just a flower girl to us, she's our daughter (well, my soon-to-be) and the ceremony isn't just about the two of us coming together, it's about our family finally coming together and being whole.
I want this day to be just as special to her as it is to me. Granted, I'm still the bride and the main decorator of everything, but I want her input on certain things especially when it comes to her dress.

Today we are going to start looking at flower girl dresses.
I really want her to be happy with it but I LOVE this one!
The flower, the skirt, the huge bow in the back... the red!!!

I showed it to her and she likes it but she said she wants to look around for another one. :(
Oh well, it's her dress, one of the few things that will be completely about her. Unfortunately, due to our plans today, we can't go dress shopping but hopefully we will be able to eventually.
Green Flower Girl & Ring Bearer My Flower Girl & Ring Bearer
l_a4ec90119cd64559b14622f472b4cf81Green Flower Girl & Ring Bearer My Flower Girl & Ring Bearer
Flower Girl & Ring Bearer
My Flower Girl & Ring Bearer
Okay, so I have to post them!

1st Pic - Our flower girl... my soon-to-be step daughter

2nd Pic - Our ring bearer, our 1yo son
Green Ask a Question The Send-off... LOVE This Idea!!!
Ask a Question
The Send-off... LOVE This Idea!!!
I have always loved the sparklers and tossed rose petals idea as a send off, but when I cam across this picture something in me just gor giddy. I am not a big fan of balloons at weddings, but I love the idea of having everyone hold a balloon as we're walking out and then once we've walked through everyone releases their balloons.
I guess it just seems real celebratory to me.

There is the fear though of the myth (still not sure if it's true) that every balloon that's released will end up in the ocean and choking a dolphin or other sea animal.

What are you using for your send-off?


5 years since wedding
Nov 07, 2009
Dripping Springs/Austin, Texas, United States
I think it's safe to say that, I have been waiting 5 years for this and on our wedding day, I will have officially been waiting 5 years, 6 months and 4 days. I can't say that it isn't worth the wait though. From the second that I met him, even before we started dating, I knew there was something special about him. Little did I know that I would end up spending the rest of my life with the stranger that I had a casual conversation with on the couch at a party one night. Our wedding is going to be casual and fun yet the girl in me, the one who has been dreaming of this day since she was 3, she's going to make sure that it's more than a backyard BBQ with a bunch of friends drinking beer. Though that's awesome for some people, she always imagined pink, tons of flowers, tons of people and a fairy tale castle. Although only one of those things is going to be associated with our wedding (tons of people) I still can't help but make sure that it still feels like a wedding and not a backyard BBQ.
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