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Haha... Bridal Sign
Okay, I saw this and couldn't stop laughing. I think it's an awesome alternative to the, "Here Comes The Bride" sign.
I also think that it would fit in perfectly with us, for two reasons.
1. We want to keep things fun and this should get most of the crowd laughing.
2. We have been together for 5 years, have been talking about getting married for 3 but only now is he serious about it. He was the one who originally brought it up 3 years ago but he was also the one who was afraid of marriage (no one in his family has had a successful marriage except for his grandparents).

Anyway, I have to do it. I think I might even keep it as a surprise for him.
Green Ask a Question Wedding Veil... DIY?
Green Ask a Question Wedding Veil... DIY?dsp_12-07_012f
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Wedding Veil... DIY?
Man, every time I look at the count down it seems like the number jumps down drastically. I swear I had 88 days left yesterday!

Anyway, who has made their own veil? I originally wasn't going to wear a veil, just a feather fascinator but when I saw this picture, I fell in love! I decided... I only have 1 day to be a bride, why not look like one?! That's my excuse for wanting this veil when the truth is, I love the simplicity of it yet how it still looks oh-so-romantic.

Is it possible to DIY this veil? I posted a picture of the back of my dress so that you can get an idea of the length of my train. The veil might have to be longer than the one pictured. I just love the shape and how simple it is. No ornate beading, no lace, just a tulle... right?

I have regular tulle that I originally bought for decorating the aisle. Would that be good enough?
veil, diy
Bachelorette Party
Bachelor/Bachelorette Party
Okay, so my mind stays busy 24/7 when it comes to this wedding, which is both a good thing and a bad thing.

Anyway, the bachelorette party will also be a surprise bachelor party and I'm trying to find a cute dress to wear. I'll most likely wear a party veil, some cute heels and.... this dress?
I really like this dress and it's only $22.80.
Unfortunately, they only have it in a large and I need a small!

I am wanting to go for a bridal feel if I added a veil. I OF COURSE would not actually use it as a wedding dress, but something to party in at a party celebrating the fact that I'm about to get married... now that's a possibility.

The party will be at a house, there will be alcohol (some girly drinks, shots, kegs, etc) and some risque games played. Nothing elaborate, just a whole lot of fun.
Green Ask a Question Bridesmaids MIA
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Bridesmaids MIA
Okay, so a few years ago when we first started planning on getting married, I asked my cousins, sister-in-law and best friend to be in the wedding. They were all on board but now that the big day is here, things are changing.
My sister-in-law and best friend are still very involved and will be by my side that day but my 2 cousins are MIA. The first one is quite wrapped up in just having fun right now that I know she won't be in the wedding. The other one hasn't said ANYTHING to me about being in the wedding. She'll talk to me about other stuff though, even wedding related stuff but nothing about being in the wedding.
I then sent her an e-mail (she doesn't have her own phone right now) asking what was going on. I put everything nicely and told her that as long as she's there, regardless if she's a guest or a bridesmaid, I will feel blessed to have her around. Kind of trying to make it easy for her incase she wanted an out.
Well, I checked my sent messages and she has read the message but hasn't responded.

Do I go ahead and count her out?
Wedding Flowers
Our Flowers
Bridal - I want a bouquet with feathers, roses and something I can add my grandma's broach to. I found this picture and love every detail of it. Only, the feathers & roses will be red (might add some red peonies) and the ribbon will be blue.

Bridesmaids - Since the MOH dress will be a different color than the bridesmaids, I wanted the flowers to be the same. The picture is only inspiration. I think the roses will be the same shade of red and the ribbon will probably be red as well. We will either stay with the pearls or add a broach instead. Maybe just stick with ribbon.

Mothers Bouquets - I don't really care for corsages, my mom was happy to hear that because she doesn't like them either. I knew I wanted them to walk down the aisle holding bouquets so I looked for inspiration. Originally I was thinking of using all roses, but then I found this picture.
Honestly, I consider sunflowers "mom flowers" because of a story my MOH told me. The story goes.... the sunflower is the tallest flower in the field because it watched over all the others. I thought it was cute and both of our moms love sunflowers (my mom has tons of them in her garden and all over her yard), it's the flower we always buy them when we buy them flowers. Yellow isn't one of our colors anymore, so red it is!
We could have gone with blue or green flowers but I don't really like dyed flowers, the ones that are naturally that color are pretty but just not the look I am going for. Anyway, here's the mom bouquets that I really want. I love everything about them only the ribbon will compliment their dresses (whichever color they choose).
Bridal Shower
Idea For Bridal Shower
Okay, so SOMETIMES when you're at a get together some people prefer to use disposable cups and have everyone mark their names on the cups so that if they set it down and leave it for a second, when they come back they'll know which one is theirs. I found this on and although it was originally used to serve the purpose of place cards at a wedding, you could completely turn it around and use it to "mark the cup" at your bridal shower, etc.
Just an idea.
Wedding Cake
For the Damask Brides
I am not using damask as a main theme in my wedding, but I saw this cake in the background of a Cake Girls "interview" while I was watching Amazing Wedding Cakes today. I absolutely love it and if I were having a damask wedding this would be my dream wedding cake. Heck, it's my dream wedding cake and I'm not even using damask. Anyway, here's the cake incase anyone needs ideas.
Green Music The Bridal Song
The "Bridal" Song
Yeah, I could have actually done A LOT better job at creating the subject for this blog but I am brain dead right now. Sorry.
Anyway, and this may seem a bit corny but the song I will be walking down the aisle to is Halo by Beyonce.

Originally, I liked this song already but never thought of using it for the wedding. Beyonce has some amazing vocals!
Anyway, I had a dream that it was our wedding day and I was walking down the aisle. The lighting in the sanctuary was very dim, there were candles on both sides of the aisle. The decor was very minimal, mainly just candles.
The song I was walking down the aisle to was Halo.
Before that, I had heard the song maybe twice since it had been out but since that dream, I love it even more.
Thinking of walking down the aisle to him while that song is playing actually gets me kind of teary eyed.

Ahh, I can't wait until I am finally Mrs. Kennedy!!!!
Bachelorette Party
Bachelorette Party... Surprise Bachelor Party
Mr. Kennedy is determined that he's not going to have a bachelor party. Not because he simply doesn't want one but because he can't think of anything he would want to do or any friends he could share it with other than the obvious groomsmen.

So, as the "party planner" in the family, I am thinking of taking it upon myself to help plan this get together. As a couple, we know how to have fun when we're not together but we have the most fun when we are together. Plus, as incredibly immature as this sounds... alcohol + hormones (mine are there when I drink) but no one to love on? Not fun! I mean, don't get me wrong, I definitely know how to handle myself and they don't show, in fact they only really come out when he's around. It just seems like it would be more fun this way.
So, my girls are going to plan the bachelorette party, his boys will plan the bachelor party but I will help where needed.

Anyway, I don't know much about the planning just yet. I am thinking drinks, music, fajitas and risque games. He'll have no idea what's going on until he's there! The ladies will bring gifts of lingerie and the men will bring whatever gift they get him (?)
Afterwards, the girls will all go do our own thing and the boys theirs.

I haven't had a drink in... over 2 years. Not because I don't drink or desire to, but because of being pregnant and then breast feeding. Mid October seems like a good time to have some fun though!

Inspired by Kendra's bachelorette party, since there won't be any strippers, the girls and I could have a lingerie show. I know the majority of the girls would be all for it (for fun... after a few drinks and of course keeping the lingerie on) but seeing as how
A. He doesn't want anyone else but him seeing my half naked
B. My brothers will be there
it doesn't sound like that wouldn't be such a great idea after all.
Menu... Revised & Adding Smores
Okay, so this weekend really had me thinking. I have always wanted an evening wedding but was willing to sacrafice it to cut costs.
Well, we have decided to have the reception at my parents house, we're now working on the location for the ceremony. It will either be there or at a park nearby.
I also love the idea of smores at a wedding, but couldn't think of how to create it. My parents own their own custom furniture company and one of their products are fire pits. Well, I have requested one as our wedding present (they make each kid one of their products as their wedding presents) and the first time we'll use it is at the reception.

The food will be southern, definitely not typical wedding food. We want a more laid back feeling anyway, so it will help us accomplish it.

~*Dinner Menu*~
Baked Potatoes (butter, sour cream, cheese, chives)
Potato Salad
Pickles, BBQ Sauce, Onions, other BBQ necessities

Amaretto Sours
Wine Coolers OR Wine

Sweet Tea
Unsweet Tea
Soda's (root beer, coca-cola, dr.pepper)

~*Dessert Buffet*~
Rice Krispy Treats
Banana Pudding
Sugar & Snickerdoodle Cookies
Fresh Fruit & Fruit Dip

Pumpkin Spice w/ Cream Cheese Frosting
Banana Spice w/ Cream Cheese Frosting
White Chocolate Raspberry
Orange Cream
White Cake w/ Mint Buttercream Filling & Buttercream Frosting
Chocolate Cake w/ Mint Buttercream Filling & Buttercream Frosting

There are quite a few items, but I want it to be a celebration and well, the more food the merrier! ;)


5 years since wedding
Nov 07, 2009
Dripping Springs/Austin, Texas, United States
I think it's safe to say that, I have been waiting 5 years for this and on our wedding day, I will have officially been waiting 5 years, 6 months and 4 days. I can't say that it isn't worth the wait though. From the second that I met him, even before we started dating, I knew there was something special about him. Little did I know that I would end up spending the rest of my life with the stranger that I had a casual conversation with on the couch at a party one night. Our wedding is going to be casual and fun yet the girl in me, the one who has been dreaming of this day since she was 3, she's going to make sure that it's more than a backyard BBQ with a bunch of friends drinking beer. Though that's awesome for some people, she always imagined pink, tons of flowers, tons of people and a fairy tale castle. Although only one of those things is going to be associated with our wedding (tons of people) I still can't help but make sure that it still feels like a wedding and not a backyard BBQ.
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