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Green Wedding Invitation Half Way Done...
Green Wedding Invitation Half Way Done...Green Wedding Invitation Half Way Done...Green Wedding Invitation Half Way Done...untitled
Wedding Invitation
Half Way Done...
Monday night my MOH came over to help me work on a few wedding things and we managed to get the "wraps" (or whatever you would call them) done.
The only thing left is adding the inserts which can't be done until we have all the information confirmed (still waiting for fiance to call our pastor, he did Saturday but only got his voice mail).

Anyway... that is stressful, but the invitations are half way done... the hard part is over!!!!
The paper is a dark forest green although it looks olive in one of the pictures, the ribbon is blue and green sheen(at certain angles is forest green, others it's peacock blue) with a somewhat "elaborate" print and gold trim and the "cover insert" that will be placed over our engagement photo is metallic gold vellum.
Everything was purchased from Hobby Lobby except for the rhinestones.

I still need to buy the envelopes and stamps. I think I am going to buy basic white or cream envelopes (have received 2 wedding invitations in the mail this past week and they both used basic white paper envelopes in the size fit for their invitations), but I think for an "added effect" I will print a damask stamp or some other design onto the envelopes.
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Is This Too Much?
Okay, originally black was not one of our colors... I might have to add it as an accent color though.

I just receieve a text from Mr. Kennedy like 1 hour ago telling me that his sister doesn't have the money to buy the dress.
Now in any other circumstance, I would think it sucks but get on with my day. I can't help but feel a little guilty though because, since I found out the dress had to be ordered A LOT sooner than I thought, I called her a week before she had to order it.

I looked for a different dress, something less expensive that they won't have to buy in a week.

What do you think?
Green Wedding Photography Found: Engagement Picture Dress
Wedding Photography
Found: Engagement Picture Dress
Yesterday, after MOH and I met at David's Bridal to look at bridesmaid dress colors, we headed to the mall to look for my dress for the engagement pictures. After a few failed attempts at certain stores, I found it! The picture of it is black, I am going to buy it in navy. They didn't have my size at the store, only larges so I am having to order it online. I think it will look awesome with red heels and since the pictures will be downtown (since that's where we met when we started dating) the grafitti on the walls and the gorgeous buildings, I think it will all go great together.
Green Bridesmaids I Have My Girls
I Have My Girls
Yesterday I met up with my MOH at David's Bridal to choose the colors of the dresses. We ended up deciding on horizon blue for her dress and cornflower blue for the other 3 girls.

We asked the lady helping us if she could tell us when we need to order the dresses and after she looked it up she informed that the dresses need to be purchased this week, next week at the latest. I thought we had the middle of the month at least. I realized that I couldn't put off asking his sister to be in the wedding any longer.

I called her last night and she said yes!!!

So, my bridesmaids
1. MOH - Best Friend (our moms were pregnant together so we have known each other practically our entire lives)
2. Sister-In-Law (my brothers wife)
3. Future Sister-In-Law (Mr. Kennedy's sister)
4. My Cousin
Ceremony Programs
I have been going back and fourth with the idea of using programs or not. There was a point that we were going to have the wedding outside in which case I decided to forgo programs, but now I'm 99.9% sure it will be at the church we attend. Yeah... 99.9% sure and a little (literally DAYS) before the 2 months mark?! Crazy, I know. Trust me, I am trying my hardest NOT to be stressed out by this.

Anyway, while browsing through wedding pictures I found these invitations and loved them. Then when I was looking for damask images to use for our menu backgrounds I found a template to use for creating the programs. I am not a damask bride, but I LOVE the damask print and pretty much anything elaborate. Besides, it goes great with the vintage look.

This is what I have in mind.
I felt quite cheesy for blacking out the ceremony details... as if anyone would want to drive all the way to Texas to attend a wedding of someone they don't even know.
Anyway, my plan is to print out both of the photoshop images (the "K" using cardstock, the other page using regular printer paper), buy a really pretty cardstock for the "cover". Attach the cardstock to the front cover and bind all the pages together using ribbon.
Yeah, not exactly an original idea but I like it. Hopefully it won't be too difficult. I only have 150 to make.

Yeah, there's still SOOOOOOO much to do and so little time and only me to do everything. I am trying my best not to get stressed out, the last thing I need is to get sick from being overly stressed.
Green Wedding Reception First Dance Song... Found It?
Wedding Reception
First Dance Song... Found It?
Forever Aint Enough by J. Holiday
The code to listen to it is up but it's not working! Sorry.

MySpace Playlist at

I was working on our playlist tonight and he asked me to look up J. Holiday (his first request) and I found this song. I don't know if he'll like it or not but it's a possibility. He wanted something upbeat, I want something sweet that we can dance to without getting too crazy.

I had part of our playlist already created but didn't save it so now I am having to start from scratch. I need some suggestions! It took me long enough to think of what I had originally thought of, but now I am having to start all over.

The music will be "disected" into 3 different parts, not including the traditional dances.

1. Cocktail Hour - not sure on the music for this
2. Dinner - Big Band... Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Bing Cosby, etc.
3. After dinner and until everyone goes home we'll play upbeat songs. Some motown classics, some Outkast & Black Eyed Peas, a mixture of everything. They don't necessarily have to be love songs, I am mainly looking for music that's upbeat for everyone to want to dance to but nothing with crazy, r rated lyrics. Of course we would add in a few classics for the older crowd.

There is only 1 thing he doesn't want (I wouldn't mind at all but it's his choice)... country.
Green NWR Could Life Be Any Crazier?
Could Life Be Any Crazier?
I posted earlier about the debt, electricity being turned off, the hose breaking causing a flood in Mr.Kennedy's house and the photographer cancelling on us. Well, it doesn't stop there.

He has been staying here at my parents with me for the last few nights, making stops by his house to feed his dog. The dog stays outside so it's not dying inside of the house from the lack of air due to no electricity.
Last night he stopped by and on the front door were eviction notices. This house originally belonged to his mom, she still has it in her name but she gave it to Mr. Kennedy and she now lives in another town. His dad is a veteran so his mom receives a check from the military every month. His parents are seperated (have been for abotu 10 years, but won't sign divorce papers). She promised them to him to help with the house payment since his parents have put his sister through school 2 now 3 times, pay for her house, her car and everything else. He was forced to grow up at age 16 and fend for himself since then. I think that's actually the age that he somehow started renting his own apartment. Anyway, we don't look for handouts but when someone tells us they'll do something, it's really nice. Thing is, his mom has a gambling problem (wow, I'm really putting his family business out there... sorry, just venting) and she gambles that check away the second she gets it. On top of that, she never calls Mr.Kennedy to inform him of it and when she doesn't make the house payment. The only informing he receives is eviction notices on the door. If we don't have 2 months rent to them by next week they're going to foreclose on the house. We don't have the money.

ON TOP OF THAT... Wednesday he made arrangements for an appointment with the insurance company on to come out on Thursday and inspect the work that the guy helping fix the house has been doing. He asked me to go and I had no problem with that. Later that day he informed me that his mom wanted to show up and take care of it so I could stay at my parents house and just hang out with the kids. Well, he came home Thursday night and I asked him how his day was. He told me that his mom didn't show up and didn't inform him that she wasn't there. He received a call at 10:30am (the appointment was set for 10am) from the insurance company asking why there wasn't anyone at the house. He is now meeting with them tomorrow morning.... HE is meeting with them.

Then, on top of that... we have 2 months until the wedding and we have TONS of things to accomplish still. I informed him of this and he looked like he was going to have a stroke. Seriously, we need tons of prayer right now and for God to make a way...

He has been extremely busy, running around like a headless chicken and not being able to come home until 9 or 10pm. Right now he is at his dads work fixing his car.

There is one surprise blessing right now... his dad is buying Miles' (our son/ring bearer) his wagon to ride in for the ceremony and he is also giving Mr.Kennedy a little bit of money to help him out. This is VERY unusual, Mr. Kennedy is usually the one giving the money but I think it's amazing and a HUGE blessing that he is there for us right now. It might not solve our problems, but it helps.

Then with the photographer issue... I have posted an ad on craigslist 3 times and each time it gets flagged and removed. I have read the rules over and over again, reread what I wrote just incase it was in violation of something, have rewritten it incase I was overlooking a violation... I have tried everything it still it gets flagged and removed. So, so far there's no real luck there.

Thing is, Mr. Kennedy is a great guy. The kind that would give you the shirt off of his back even if he didn't really like you, just to make your life easier. The one who, when you've been completely irresponsible and call him at 3am because you need him to help you, he shows up. There have been tons of incidences in just the time of me knowing him where he has done just about anything to make others able to get on with their day. He takes care of his family, loves us like crazy and is an amazing father to his kids. He may not always show up on time but when you need him you can count on him to be there. I know he's completely stressed out to the max right now, past most people breaking points, yet he tries to keep a good attitude and is extremely careful with his words. I just wish that he didn't have to go through this right now. I don't even want to talk about the wedding with him right now because I know the last thing he needs right now is another thing to worry about.
Green  A True Southern Wedding...
A True Southern Wedding...
Okay, so even though my decor theme is vintage glam, I am having to compromise with Mr. Kennedy and have the wedding a way that we both can prefer. I know in one of my earlier posts I stated that we were having brisket at the wedding, but I never really said how it was going to be prepared (caterer, etc). That's because I was scared of being told about how bad of an idea it was and how it goes against all things wedding. Well, after reading another brides posts... I have to remind myself (as she had to remind herself) it is MY (and Mr. Kennedy's) wedding. So here's the deal...

My dad and Mr. Kennedy (I also thought of this but wasn't sure) decided that the food would be cooked while people were at the reception, during the cocktail, or in our case... refreshment hour. We are trying to capture a feeling as if it's just a bunch of friends and family getting together to have a good time and what better way to eat BBQ than right off the pit? My dad has a huge slow cooker and a nice grill that will cook most of the food.
Of course, I happen to be a Texas bride so go ahead and poke fun all you want... ; )

I haven't finalized the menu, but as far as food goes we will be having shrimp (courtesy of the recent Martha Stewart Living magazine), brisket, potatoes, corn and probably a salad.
We will still have the dessert buffet and 6 different cakes as well as smores. For the cocktail/refreshment hour I plan to have a table set up with different kinds of cheeses, fruit and maybe even wine.

When it comes to the alcohol, I am seriously considering amaretto sours (my favorite drink) and either mojitos or mint julep as our signature drink. Then of course beer. I'm not sure if we will have wine or not though it would go perfect with the cheeses during the cocktail hour.

I am up over my head in wedding stuff! I have a little over 2 months and TONS of stuff left to do. I am trying not to stress out Mr. Kennedy because it seems like things continue to happen to him and when I told him we only have 2 months left and still so much to take care of, I was worried that he was going to have a stroke.
Wedding Photography
Wedding Day Pictures... Before or After
I am working on our wedding day timeline and since our ceremony is in a different location than our reception, I am trying to make things work giving us as much time with our guests as possible. I am considering taking some of the pictures before the ceremony. Either the ones with the bridal party OR the ones of just the two of us.
I don't want my walking down the aisle and him seeing me to loose any sentimental value though.

Is anyone taking pictures before the ceremony? If so, what are your reasons?
Wedding Photography
Okay, so far my luck with photographers has been below average.
The first one I found was able to do things for $200 which included 2 photographers all day, basic editing and copyrights to the pictures. Well, we didn't get our deposit to her fast enough and she ended up completely booking up.

Once I got over that stress... I found a great photographer and we negotiated to where they were doing the same deal, instead of all day 5-6 hours but still, that's plenty. I was so ecstatic! Not only was this a stress reliever because we were only paying $200 but I also LOVED his photography skills. The colors were sharp and stood out beautifully, much better than the first photographer.

Well, I sent them an e-mail asking if we could meet this coming weekend. We would give them the deposit, which is only $100. To be honest, I know that's not a lot but it is when we're having the financial struggles we are in the middle of right now.

1. Last Wednesday my fiance arrived at his house and realized that earlier that day the hose under the sink busted so our house was flooded. We're having to go through everything (BIG pain in the butt) with the insurance company right now while staying in the house. The kids and my fiance all have non-stop runny noses and we all have sore throats.
2. My fiance has a $1,700 debt he has to pay off today.
3. After purposely staying out of the house all day yesterday, when we arrived in the evening so that I could get dinner cooked before he came home I walked up to the door to unlock it and unload the groceries, there was a note on the door saying that we haven't paid the electricity bill and now there's no electricity in the house. I had to pack up everything from the fridge and freezer then drive to my parents house which is 1hr away. It solves the sickness from the flood damage problem though.
4. We are having the worst luck enrolling his daughter in school right now. We went to the administration office of the school she use to go to, they told us we weren't supposed to be there, that in order for her to go to school there would be $3,500. We went to the other place and they told us we were supposed to go the school we were just at.

Well, hoping to have a response from our photographers wife (she's a very sweet lady, I don't have any ill thoughts towards her at all) about meeting on Sunday, I checked my e-mail today. Come to find out, he doesn't want to get into the wedding business anymore so we now have to start over and look for another photographer!!!

It's funny. Right when other things start to come together (decor, location, etc) other start to fall apart.


5 years since wedding
Nov 07, 2009
Dripping Springs/Austin, Texas, United States
I think it's safe to say that, I have been waiting 5 years for this and on our wedding day, I will have officially been waiting 5 years, 6 months and 4 days. I can't say that it isn't worth the wait though. From the second that I met him, even before we started dating, I knew there was something special about him. Little did I know that I would end up spending the rest of my life with the stranger that I had a casual conversation with on the couch at a party one night. Our wedding is going to be casual and fun yet the girl in me, the one who has been dreaming of this day since she was 3, she's going to make sure that it's more than a backyard BBQ with a bunch of friends drinking beer. Though that's awesome for some people, she always imagined pink, tons of flowers, tons of people and a fairy tale castle. Although only one of those things is going to be associated with our wedding (tons of people) I still can't help but make sure that it still feels like a wedding and not a backyard BBQ.
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