What Color Ribbon...

Okay, so my bouquet will have red roses and red peonies with red ostrich feathers on the side. The stems will be wrapped with ribbon and will have my grandmothers broach along with two crystal bands wrapped around (like the 1st picture).

I am trying to decide if the ribbon should be peacock blue or champagne like the 1st picture. I would have white as an option but I don't want it to blend into my dress too much.

My bridesmaids will be wearing black dresses with red heels.

The flower girl will be wearing a creamy white dress with red accents and red flats.

The ring bearer and groomsmen will be wearing black tux's with red ties and black shoes.

My dress is white and my veil is white.

The only blue accents in the ceremony would be the water filled vases with the floating candles, the water will be dyed blue.
Oh, and the guest book cards will have blue accents.
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