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I Need Something Blue...

I am trying to pack so that I can move all of my sons stuff and my stuff into Mr. Kennedy's house and I am also trying to finish up any unfinished wedding projects (there are more than I would like to admit).

As I was putting all of my accessories together, I was trying to think of my "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue" and so far all I have is this...

Old - Grandma's (moms mom) antique broach
New - My red heels
Borrowed - Grandma's (moms mom) earrings
Blue - ?

I have NOTHING blue. I guess I wasn't really worried about it because up until recently the ribbon around my bouquet was going to be blue.

My flowers are red
The ribbon around the bouquet will be champagne
My garter is black
My jewelry is diamonds & pearls
My shoes are red

Does anyone have any suggestions for adding blue?
lauren52210's Green wedding
 |  Hobart, IN, USA  |  10/28/2009  | 
You can always add a blue ribbon to your black garter. Or another really cute idea I've seen is blue rhinestones that you can put in the bottom of your shoes (like on the bottom of the arch) that says on one of the "I" and on the other "DO". I had one friend use blue body glitter that had stars in it and I put like 3 tiny blue stars on her shoulder blade. You can pin a blue ribbon to the inside of your dress also. Or blue panties could be your something blue. The possibilites are endless! lol
mrsbrett's Pink wedding
 |  Holland, OH, USA  |  10/28/2009  | 
You could wear a blue sapphire ring on your right hand. I am thinking of wearing a small london blue topaz and diamond ring on my right hand.  =)
mrsm2b2010's Chocolate wedding
 |  Enfield, CT, USA  |  10/29/2009  | 
I can't remember who posted it on here awhile back but she had made wedding day panties.
They were blue, and ironed on "Mrs..._____" with iron on crystals.
They were SO cute! I'm definitely stealing that idea!
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