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Kim's Wedding 227
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Wedding Photography

So I went from posting a whole lot to getting married and never really getting a chance to post the actual wedding photos. There's TONS of them, which I personally am happy about. Time to get them printed and start making scrapbooks. I was going to go through My Publisher but with over 1,000 photos that may get expensive.

There's tons more photos, unfortunately I have to leave now.
For more pictures go to my photobucket page...
kialin2011's Blue wedding
 |  Baltimore, MD, USA  |  09/06/2010  | 
they are nice
mibride080610's Purple wedding
 |  Grand rapids, MI, USA  |  09/06/2010  | 
These are great! I love the close up of the lights on the aisle!
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Pink Wedding Photography Phillysgirl is back...a married woman!!!
Hi ladies!!! I missed you all so much!!! I have been so busy since we got back from the honeymoon...
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