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Blue Bridesmaids only half of my bridesmaids got their dresses
only half of my bridesmaids got their dresses
One of my bridesmaids' dropped out last month. Luckily I have a wonderful friend, Susan, that has stepped up to the plate. Two of my bridesmaids ordered their dress online while the other 3 ordered their dress from the bridal shop that i selected the dress from. Since my sisters bought theirs online and paid for their own dresses they have already had their dresses altered and fitted. However the bridal shop does not have all of my girl's dresses yet and there are only 40 days to have the dresses altered and hemmed to their knees. Time is running out and I still have so much to do!

Alfred Sung D418
orchidscollageorchidsflowertowerjitterseventsramo_orquideas_4ramo_orquideas_8Blue Ask a Question I'm orchid obsessed
Ask a Question
I'm orchid obsessed
I need to know where to find silk white moth orchids. I have terrible allergies and can't do real flowers. At the same time you can't have a wedding without flowers right? Where do I find them? I want to use them for my DIY bouquets, bouts, and table centerpieces!!!! help!!!
idea 1
idea 1
Idea #2
To wrap cardstock then overlay with white
idea 1Idea #2To wrap cardstock then overlay with white
Wedding Invitation
My new semi-DIY drive
With our new wedding budget cuts, I'll be taking on a lot of new projects.

I'm making the invites for one. I decided on fonts, but I haven't really decided on what kind of graphics we want. We were going to use JW's everywhere but I don't know how my family feels about the W monogram going to be everywhere. 2 years ago when my sister married her husband, she kept her own last name because she didn't want to have a different last name than her daughter(or our father). Anyways, i found for our cardstock needs. I'd really love some love birds as graphics, but of course I want to highlight the turquoise theme of the wedding. This is the wording that we've decided on
"Jeanette & Jeremy
together with their families
request the honor of you presences
as they exchange their marriage vows on..."

I figured that covers everyone that is helping with the planning. My sister is out to see and my 2 of my other bridesmaids do not live in my city. So it's up to my baby sister, 2 bridesmaids, and 2 bestfriends to help me with these DIY projects.

I'd love some ideas for wedding graphics in turquoise. My brother is a pretty decent graphic designer. Would it be too much to do both love birds and the monogram? Our style is modern yet traditional. (Does that make any sense)
Wedding Budget
Mommy and Daddy can't pay
So we hit a super snag in our wedding planning. Even though we've been engaged since July 2009 my parents want to hold off the wedding for 3 more years.

My parents do a lot of investing since my dad is retired. Since the stock market crashes last year, my parents still haven't recovered a lot of their losses. I was always told growing up that we had funds for our weddings. My sister got married in 2008. Originally we were planning to get married in August 2010. That obviously didn't work out.

So we started saving last year so we could help with the cost of the wedding. I don't want to put off the wedding anymore. My fiancé and I don't want to elope because traditions are a big part of our families but going from 15K to 10K and then even less than that has put a huge hinderance on our dream wedding.

We put the down on our reception venue, and we are waiting to hear back from my church. I don't want to lose either venue because our date is fast approaching. I'm stressed out and I don't want to take out loans to fund the wedding because we want to buy a house soon after.

Our dwindling funds have me stressed out!
my engagement ring
my engagement ring
my dress
demoinspirationboardmy engagement ringmy dress
Inspiration Board
Turquoise & White Wedding
So I'm new here. I've been engaged since July 2009. We've finally had a chance to settle in and start planning this wedding after a year of saving. From the beginning I've been avoiding doing a blue wedding because my older sister had a 2008 royal blue wedding. However, after my fiancé bought my ring I was obsessed with the Tiffany Blue hue. More recently my fiancé and I have decided that the official color of our 2011 wedding is going to be TURQUOISE. I absolutely love the color and hopefully soon I can post a bigger Inspiration Board. I'll be working on it through this weekend. We've decided on all the details of the wedding and we're finally putting $$ into our dream wedding.

A few details about the pics.

My mini-board.
My 5 bridesmaid will be wearing a similar cocktail length dress. Their sash will be white instead. All of the gentelemen in the wedding will be wearing cravat ties (even though we previously discussed ascots) because we are having a late afternoon wedding. My hair is about half way down my back and my veil is a birdcage blusher in the front and a cathedral length tulle veil in the back. My fiancé is 1 ft and 3 inches taller than me. These heels are 4 7/8" and I'm in love with them! The 2 chair pictures are the only decorations for our outdoor ceremony. I will post the DIY programs and favor fans once I have the final details. The bottom 2 graphics are pictures from the stationary suite that we are using to decorate the ceremony and recetption.

My Engagement ring.
This is the ring that my loving fiance chose for me. I love it. We looked at rings before together, but he said that all of the rings that I like were too boring. I absolutely love the ring because of it's unique curvature. I can't wait to see my wedding ring.

My dress.
After I got engaged I wanted a quick wedding. I was just so excited. I went shopping immediately in the fall. I tried on 40 dresses. I was so depressed that I couldn't find anything that I liked until I found this dress. I love the cut. I wish I could post a picture of the back, but it's not on the site anymore. All they had was one more and it was my size. I was so lucky. I bought it right away. Now i'm dieting so that I can still fit into the dress on our special day. Wish me luck!


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Jul 30, 2011
Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States
Holy Spirit Catholic Church
The Signature at West Neck
Swan Vacula
The color that we're basing the wedding on is the Ocean shade of Turquoise it's a much deeper darker shade than the original Tiffany color that we started with when we began our planning two years ago.
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