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Black Engagement I got my ring!!!
I got my ring!!!
I finally got it. He picked it out on his own too. its beautiful. And he proposed when we were fishing. it was the cutest thing in the world. He told me he left something in the car and asked me to go get it, so i did. When i came back he had me reel in his rod and on the other side was my pretty little diamond ring. It was covered in green stuff but i love it. He did good. lol. Now im on the path of planning the engagment party. Fun Fun Fun like always.
Black  I'm so happy
I'm so happy
I know, ive been mia for awhile. I just recently got not one but TWO jobs so i've been busy with all the work and the training and stuff. I work for macys and a place called event temps where i waitress and stuff like that. Good money on both ends so i'm really happy about that. Finally i get to make some money and start buying things. I couldn't be more estatic than i am right now.
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On the quest for perfect skin.
I'm on the quest for perfect skin. I have the worst scars on my cheeks from when i was younger. Like its bad. I've been trying to figure out ways to get rid of them that doesn't cost alot. I don't want to have to wear really heavy makeup on my wedding day considering i'm going to be dancing alot and i don't want it running.I have combination skin so if anybody has any tips or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated ahead of time. Thank You.
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Wedding Dress
I foundddd it
I know i have forever it seems to decide what i want but i love it. Its beautiful. It's simple. Relaxed but still elegant. I Love It. Absolutely love it. I havent even tried it on but i know i want it. And i will do as many alterations as needed to make it my own. Although its more than i was planning on spending, its way less than some people spend on theres. Although i have nothing against spending that type of money, i don't want to.

I was just wondering if anybody has anybody ordered from Thats where i saw it and i was wondered if anybody has heard any good/bad news from it. Thank you in advance.
Denise copy
Denise copy
Much thanks to ccranetobe for the monogram. Its beautiful. Just what i was looking for. SImple elegance. Exactly what my wedding will be. Thank you sooo much again.
Black  ER Visit
ER Visit
So yesterday i had to spend some time in the er booo. I have this condition where i shake and twitch uncontrolobly andd i was having really bad chest pains so my mom made me go in to make sure i was alright. I will admit im like a guy when it comes to hospitals, i dont like going. At all. And i will find anyway around it. So i went and they gave me some medication to calm down the shakes. I also got diagnoised with General Anxiety Disorder. So ontop of dealing with planning a wedding and finding a job i have to start going to psychiatry and doctors to get medication to help satablize my depression and my GAD. Niceeee. If its not one thing it another.
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Is it weird??
I have a weird relationship with my hairdresser. She really is one of my closest friends not only because she does my hair but because i dont have many close friends. So i was wondering if its weird to have your hairdresser as your bridesmaid? And is it weird to have her do your hair too? I have no idea.
Black  For you ladies with tattoo's & peircings...
For you ladies with tattoo's & peircings...
What are your plans for the big day? Are you showing them off or are you covering them up? I want to wear a strapless dress and i have a ginormous one on my right forearm and i will probably have a few more that will be shown on my wedding day in the dress i want by then. I love them and they all have plenty of meaning to me and im not ashamed of having any of them. I was just wondering what some of you ladies were doing for your big day. Are you showing them off or are you using something particular to hide them?
Praying for a job
So right now im stressing out. Before i met my FH i was in a very abusive relationship and because of that i lost out on a very good job. I've been trying to rebuild ever since and it just doesnt seem to be working. Im looking for jobs left and right, going on interviews and still i havent gotten that job. It sucks. I hate not having a job. I just hate sitting at home all day. I'm trying to have faith like everybody says i should but its the hardest thing in the world when all you want to do is work. Ughh. This sucks.
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Since im not a big fan of heels(and neither is the FH because i would end up being taller than him and that makes him feel like less of a man lol) i decided to wear ballet flats that wrap up the leg for the wedding, reception and photos. I know that i won't be wearing a typical white wedding dress so its between a red or silver. Which means my shoes will be white or black. I'm really liking the ones on the left. Cause there simple but pretty. Maybe silver shoes would be nice too. Hmmmm desicions, desicions. I guess i'll have to figure out what dress i'll be wearing. Speaking of that, i have to go on a strict diet and excersise plan so i can loose like 20 Lbs so i look amazing. At least i have a while. lol. If anybody has any tips or diet ideas let me know. I don't eat red meat so thats out of the
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A small intimate wedding with just our close family and a small amount fo friends. I'm excited to spend the rest of my life with him. We've had a rocky relationship but he means the world to me. Feel free to follow my blogger account. I have more stuff on there than i can put on

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