Flower girl basket and flower confetti
Flower girl basket and flower confetti
Guest book
Party favors
Glasses and cake server
Garter- Something Blue
Aisle runner
Ring pillow
Flower girl basket and flower confetti
Guest book
Guest book pen
Party favors
Glasses and cake servers
Aisle runner
Garter- Something blue
Ring pillow
Flower girl basket and flower confettiGuest bookPenBubblesParty favorsGlasses and cake serverGarter- Something BlueAisle runnerRing pillowFlower girl basket and flower confettiGuest bookGuest book penBubblesParty favorsGlasses and cake serversAisle runnerGarter- Something blueRing pillow

Wedding Decoration
Target and Michael's

I found the flower girl basket with the flower confetti from Michaels and it's in my color so it's perfect!

The guest book is too cute not to crazy about the pen but hey why break up a matching pair. Found those at Target.

The bubbles are going to be used instead of the seed thing (I am totally against that). Along with that I found the favor boxes. Not sure exactly what I want to put in them yet though. Both are from Target.

The glasses and the cake server are from Target and are cheaper in the bundle then just the glasses from Wal-mart.

The garter is my something blue and it's from Victoria's Secret!!

The ring pillow is from Michaels, simple yet cute, but I think I want to find ribbon to match my colors to incoroporate with it.

The aisle runner is also from Michaels along with a short page on how to add your monogram to it, which I think is a great idea.

So yeah that's what my search has yielded. I am so happy I am starting early. Weird thought though, is it wrong to start planning when I am not offically engaged, but we have talked about it, planning on it, and even set a date?
gratefulbride's Blue wedding
 |  Charlotte, NC, USA  |  06/07/2008  | 
That flower girl confetti is extra cute!
zana927's Blue wedding
 |  Canterbury, NH, USA  |  06/08/2008  | 
I think that it's fine... I am in the same situation as you... We just haven't gotten engaged yet because I just got out of college and he's just graduated from law school, so we both have no money.

Great ideas though. I think you are doing a great job!!
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Hi ladies so here is a DIY project that I've been working on today. I went on Dollar Tree website...
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