This is dreald's Black Wedding!

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Black Bridesmaids Matron of Honor, Bridesmaids Best man, father of the Bride and Groom's Outfits
Matron of Honor, Bridesmaids Best man, father of the Bride and Groom's Outfits
The outfits are finally bought for the Bestman and my Father they are full morning suits with black trousers, jackets with tails and top hats, the waist coats are black and red holographic effect satin with a diamond pattern and a red cravat.

The Matron of Honnor will be in a black and red dress vintage style dress or a red corset with black pencil skirt we got both outfits as I can't decide between them.

My Daughter Eve's dress has also changed she is now in a princess line dress with black velvet above the princess line and red teffera below. The teffera is gathered in diamond patterns. She will also be wearing a fake black fur coat that matches the ivory fake fur coat I will be wearing whilst in transet to keep her warm.

Alan the groom will be wearing a full morning suit with black trousers, tails jacket and a top hat and cane, the waist coat is gold satin to match the gold satin sash in my dress and a gold cravat.
Black Wedding Hair Style My hair idea
reversed look
Black Wedding Hair Style My hair ideareversed lookTiara
Wedding Hair Style
My hair idea
I have shoulder length curly hair, due to the fact that I want long curly hair and my own won't have grown long enough by the wedding I have decided to use a hair extension piece that matches my hair exactly.

The preice can also be reversed for a different look.

I have not fully decided on it yet tho and I will be going to a stylest of see what can be done with my hair style wise that I might like more.

I have also bought a silver tiara with pearls that match a pearl broach that I am borrowing from my aunt as my something borrowed.
Eve's dress
Eve's dress
Eve's dressTiaraPosy
My Daughter's Dress
I have finally found the perfect dress for my daughter Eve. It sparkly and frilly and she loves it.

She is also going to wear a tiara because I'm wearing one and a posy that she can keep as a reminder.

I want her to look and feel like the little princess she is.
A family at war
A family at war
Ask a Question
Does anyone else have trouble with family?
I not going in to detail as that would make the post very long but pretty much my Fiance's sister has been trying to break us up. From the begining she has been hurtful to ward me constantly trying to put me down, making me feel unwelcome and not wanted. She has lied about us accused me of hurting him and spread rummors around all of his family. She has been very vicious and the worst is that some of his family have listened.

She also used to be one of my best friends and the reason I met Alan.

Alan's dad David and step mum Denise who like in America are livid with her and back us fully. She even told them that Denise had stolen her dad and she was going to destroy their marriage and make sure it is Denise fault.

Because of this my fiance Alan has severed all ties to his family over here in Northern Ireland including his mum Ann as he doesn't know who he can trust not to have listened to her. He is not inviting anyone from his side.

Has trouble with families?
Debenhams £100
Debenhams £100
Debenhams £90
Debenhams £100Debenhams £90
Matron of Honor Dress
I have found two lovely dresses for my Matron of Honor Sheryl at Debenhams.

They are part of their evening christmas line and costs £90 - £100.

All we have to do is try them on and see what one is best.
Monroes Bar Entrance
Monroes Bar Entrance
Monroes bar
Monroes Bar
Monroes Bar EntranceMonroes barMonroes Bar
Wedding Reception
Monroe's Bar
Our Reception will be held at Monroe's Bar and Restaurant.

We will be eating at 3pm and are hiring a live rock band to rock everyones socks.

It will also be the venue for the after party which all our friends are invited to as the reception is close family only.

The music list below some were is still going to be played.
Exterior of the Hotel Sidi Driss
Exterior of the Hotel Sidi Driss
Ksar Hadada Hotel
a bedroom of the Hotel Sidi Driss
Bar at the Hotel Sidi Driss
lobby of the Hotel Sidi Driss
Restaurant at the Hotel Sidi Driss
Ksar Hadada Hotel
Exterior of the Hotel Sidi DrissKsar Hadada Hotela bedroom of the Hotel Sidi DrissBar at the Hotel Sidi Drisslobby of the Hotel Sidi DrissRestaurant at the Hotel Sidi DrissKsar Hadada Hotel
Star Wars
We have finally decided on our honeymoon destination... Tunisia!

Alan and I both love Star Wars, infact the night we meet its all we talked about till the early hours of the morning.

So we decided that going on an adventure holiday to the Tatooine filming locations of Star Wars was perfect.

We will fly into Tunis and make our way down to first to Nefta to visit the exterior Lars farmstead locations and canyons. Then on to Matmata to the Hotel Sidi Driss which was the setting for the Lars Homestead interior before heading to the coast to the island of Djerba and visit the Mos Espa film locations from Episode one and staying in the Ksar Hadada Hotel which was the location of the slave quarters again in ep1.
We will also be visiting Ben Kenobi's hut which is also on Djerba.

While sleeping conditions will be sparce, we'll have to ruff it and share a communal bathroom, its the dream of a life time for us.

Alan and I have always hated the idea of resort holidays we want to go and learn about the country we are visiting, to see how they live and experiance things from there point of view. Not drink brittish beer by a pool with a plasma TV like at home.
Bangor Castle
Bangor Castle
Reception room
Bangor CastleReception room
Bangor Castle
Alan and I are get married at Bangor Castle, Co Down, Northern at 1:30pm.

Photos will be taken in the grounds.

We are going to do our own presonal vows after the official vows...

"Mhi solus tome, mhi solus dar'tome, mhi me'dinui an, ni kar'tayli gar darasuum pateesa" Which in Mando'a means "We are one when together, we are one when apart, we will share all, I love you darling".
18 carat white gold 1 carat solitare black diamond
18 carat white gold 1 carat solitare black diamond
18 carat 4mm white gold personalised wedding band
18 carat white gold 1 carat solitare black diamond18 carat 4mm white gold personalised wedding band
Wedding Rings And Jewelry
My rings sorted
Finally after 7 weeks of being made my engagement ring has arrrived. It is exactly what I wanted and everyone loves it.

Alan and I have now ordered our matching wedding rings 18 carat 4mm personalised white gold bands.

We are having them personalised with the Mando'a saying...

"Ni kar'tayli gar darasuum" which means I love you and matches our vows.
Nicholas Milington
Alfred Angelo Jacket
Nicholas Milington
Nicholas Milington
Debenhams £35
Alfred Angelo JacketNicholas MilingtonNicholas MilingtonDebenhams £35
Wedding Dress
My new dress idea
I can no longer get the dress I originally wanted, this is due to...

1. Maggie Sottero doesn't allow orders in America that originate outside America.

2. Our change in wedding date from the 30th Oct 2009 to 17th Dec 2008.

3. The length of delivery is over 14 weeks which is cutting it a little close for my liking.

I have had to choose a different dress.

I still like the vintage idea and found this lovely little dress locally for £250. Considering it's Ireland and it will be winter I realised I would be in need of a jacket and found a lovely satin one from Alfred Angelo that can be order in the same colour as the sash.

Tho I am thinking of removing the sash, it might look a bit busy with the jacket and sash, What do you think?


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Bangor Castle
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