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bridesmaid dress official
bridesmaid dress official
bridesmaid brooch
bridesmaid dress officialbridesmaid brooch
Picked out a dress!
Yay! I did it! I was able to find my bridesmaids dresses over the holiday break, just like I intended to. The dress is awesome. It is by Mori Lee and I know it is going to wow everyone. My girls are going to look great! I believe this dress was the most appropriate for all of the body types and it fit the couture, Sex and the City look I was going for. We are going to jazz it up a bit with a brooch on the shoulder strap. Surprisingly, all of the girls are okay with the dress and I can't wait til my big day!
with lace bolero jacket
sleevelesswith lace bolero jacket
Wedding Dress
I found it!
I found my dress some time ago and it will be ordered this week! My mom, my FML and I found it while shopping about 3 months ago. My mom has agreed to buy my dress and shoes, and my veil is free with the purchase of my dress. I am going to wear the dress sleeveless for the ceremony and with the lace bolero jacket for dinner. I plan on finding a party dress for the dance portion of the reception! I am soooo excited about this beautifiul dress! The designer is Maggie Sottero and the style is Sabelle!
Wedding Flowers
Real or fake?
Hello everyone! I'm finally back at it! Christmas was wonderful, and now it is time for me to get on my wedding planning! We will be married in less than 6 months and the reality of the overwhelming amount of things to do has set in. I am super excited but somewhat anxious about all of the planning that will be taking place in the next 174 days. I have actually been panicking for the last few days. I found some old friends who were recently wed on facebook, and I was able to message them for moral support and direction. One of my old soccer team mates had a beautiful damask and tiffany blue wedding last winter. I was able to get some info from her about decorations and even some vendors. She was super supportive and helpful in guiding me to some really good sources. From looking at her wedding photos, I thought her bouquet and the bridesmaids bouquets were real flowers. I later learned that they were artificial flowers and that they were made by this seller on The seller is modagefloral (just in case anyone is interested). I contacted the seller and she can do all of the flowers (my bouquet, tossing bouquet, groom boutonniere, bridesmaids flowers, groomsmen boutonnieres, MOB, MOG, FOG, and all of the boutonnieres and corsages for everyone else for $814. Every florist I have spoken to has quoted me no less than $2000 for live anenomes and roses. I really want live flowers, but I'm leaning more towards artificial flowers due to their cost and the fact that they are almost just as nice, and I'll get to have my bouquet as a keepsake. What do you guys think?
Wedding Favors
So what do you guys think?
So, I was searching my friends' facebook photos looking for more wedding pictures. Something that has become kind of a habit of mine lately, and I came across this really neat wedding favor. They had chocolate engraved and used as their dinner menu. I instantly thought the idea was great and I couldn't wait for my FH to see it. I also immediately began to google for someone that provided the service. Well, my fiance just thinks the idea is okay, and I found a few sites but the prices were outrageous. So, I did what any smart girl would do. I turned to you all for your opinion. What do you honestly think about using this for a favor? And does anyone know a place I can get a reasonable price for this?

Thanks for your help. I look forward to reading your responses.
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I'm having a dilemma choosing my BMs!
Okay, so I have three very close friends. All of which are my girls from college. We have lived together, shared secrets, the whole nine. They are DEFINITELY going to be bridesmaids. Then I have a friend that I am close to, but not as close as the others. She happens to be very close to two of my three BFFs, but for some reason, she and I never clicked. Probably because she is really shy and I am not so I always include her in any festivities I plan for "the girls" and we have never had any problems, but we just are not as close.

Then, I have three cousins that I am extremely close with. Kind of like my sisters. They also MUST be BMs. Then there is one cousin that I am fairly close with. She is the sister to one of the three that I am really close to. She and I have also gotten along, but we don't talk as much as the others, and for some reason we are just not as close.

With all of that being said, I would naturally just go ahead and include the friend and the cousin in the wedding because if I don't, I feel that their feelings would be hurt and I love them dearly. I don't want anyone to feel excluded and I feel that they would ask me to be a BM in their weddings, but my FH only wants his very closest friends to stand with him on the alter as a GM and that means that I won't have enough GM for all of the BM if I include my one friend and one cousin that I mentioned above.

Do you think I should just have an uneven number of BM? Do you think I should just ask them to be ushers? Please help! IDK what to do!
My Bling...I mean
My Bling...I mean
The gallery of my ring...I love it!
My Bling...I mean ring...lolThe gallery of my ring...I love it!
My Ring
This is my lovely engagement ring. I absolutely love it! One of the reasons the proposal was such a huge surprise is because Ray and I never went ring shopping. We knew that we were (are) in love and we have known for some time that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, but we hadn't talked about the ring in detail. There were a few occasions in which he casually asked me what style ring I liked the most, but never an official discussion. We are inseperable most of the time, so he obviously knows my style, but I never expected him to choose a ring that is so perfect for me. It is exactly what I would have chosen. I love my ring and I love my future husband! You done real good!
Ceremony Location: Starlight COGIC
Ceremony Location: Starlight COGIC
My Church ~ Our Ceremony Venue
Is the carpet color going to throw everything off?
Okay, after much discussion and quite a bit of confusion (on my part), we have decided to make my church the ceremony location. The big fuss was basically because my FH is Catholic and I am COGIC (Church of God in Christ). We wanted to be sure that we can have a ceremony in which both of our denominations are represented. From the beginning I was sure that my pastor would take part in our ceremony wherever it was being held, but because the Catholic Church has certain policies and procedures that they practice, we were not sure how everything would play out. All of our worries were removed after meeting with a wonderful priest at a local catholic church. He assured us that he or another priest would be happy to either perform the ceremony and allow my pastor to take part or come over to my church and take part in the ceremony there. He told us that this is a rather common practice and everything is sure to run smoothly. I couldn't have been more relieved! Of course, we still have to go through the pre-maritial counseling from both denominations, but that could only help, after all, it is Christian

I only have one major concern about holding the ceremony at my church. The sanctuary is beautiful and the capacity is 500+ so I know there will be plenty of room, but look at the green carpet and pews. It's beautiful, but my wedding is black, white, and hot pink (fuschia). What do you think this will look like? I keep telling myself that with the real flowers, everything will blend, but I still have a great deal of apprehension about the whole color scheme. What do you guys think?
hotel zaza
hotel zaza
The Proposal
Hotel ZaZa ~ June 12, 2010
Ray treated us to a wonderful, relaxing getaway at Hotel ZaZa in Houston. We had a gorgeous pool bungalow with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries (my favorite) waiting when we arrived. That Saturday, Ray treated me an incredible spa day (manicure, pedicure, massage), and we enjoyed a nice lunch from room service. After napping and just spending quality time, we had an awesome dinner at the wonderful Fogo de Chao (yet another surprise for me). I forgot to mention that Ray had requested that I wear my favorate LBD, the one that I had worn on our first "official" We rode to the restaurant listening to a customized mix of love songs on the romantic. After enjoying a great dinner, we returned to our room that was lit with candles, covered in rose petals and had a bottle of champagne chilling for us. I was blown away by the all of the time and attention I could tell my sweetie had put into this. Everything was wonderfully and meticulously planned. Ray walked over to the window with me and told me to look at the lights in the pool and our gorgeous view. As I was enjoying the view, he began talking about how we should spend more time together, Since we spend almost every moment of everyday together, I asked him what he meant. He told me to turn around. When I did, he was on one knee. He said, "I think we should spend the rest of our lives together." Then he said, " Diztorsha Xavier Jefferson, will you marry me?" I yelled yes and tackled him. The tears could help but pour out. The man I love more than anything, had just asked me to spend the rest of my life with him as his wife. Around that time, he reminded me that I still hadn't looked at my ring. I looked down and there was a stunning, princess cut diamond, vintage ring that I loved! After finally gaining a bit of my composure, Ray suggested that we take a walk around the hotel. I thought it was kind of awkward, but I was up for anything at that moment. I had just gotten engaged to my best friend! We took the elevator down to the main floor, and walked to the bar where my closest friends in the world were--all sitting, anticipating my arrival! They had all been in on the whole thing. My mom, brother, my brother's gf, and grandparents came shortly after. Not only did my loving fiance` plan the absolute most amazing proposal of all time, he also included the other people I love the most. I am so thankful that God has blessed me with such a wonderful man! I love you, Ray!


3 years since wedding
Jun 18, 2011
Orange, Texas, United States
Starlight C.O.G.I.C.
Sunset Grove Country Club
I cannot wait to marry the love of my life. Ray and I met two years ago and we have been inseperable every since. On June 12, 2010, he asked me to be his wife, and I am so excited that God has blessed me to be able to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.
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