HAHA me at 2 months
HAHA me at 2 months
Start of my table numbers
HAHA me at 2 monthsCheeeeezzzzyyyyStart of my table numbers

Deneanrae is going crazy!

SEPT 4! SEPT 4!!! TWO MONTHS! TWO MONTHS! OMG!!! SHIT!!!!!!!!!! hahahah, thats whats in my head right now!!! here is my random thoughts:

Today marks 2 months till the big day! I should be really excited....and I am...but im also really nervous and a tad stressed out. FH made the first wedding emotion yesterday lol (yes he IS human! what a relief!)... We were watching battle of the wedding designers and at the end of the show he says... "im scared"...and i was all like.."what?! for the wedding!?" and he said... "yea it makes it feel real". Thats the most he has ever said about the wedding (thats not budget related) lol

I have so much left to do, I have to do lists for making to do lists. RSVP's are still comming in...but at a much slower pace now.... and DIY projects are getting there, slowly! like the start of my table numbers project?! lol (pic 3). I kinda just feel like things are a hot mess...cuz everything is booked or done i just dont have a final image in my head yet and need every detail sorted! cuz thats how I am. hoping the DOC helps with some of that stuff.

Also, My makeup and hair trial is this weekend along with my Bridal shower/ Bachelorette party! I think thats when it will really sink in! Im so excited to just go get drunk and not think lol, ive been working so damn much lately!

And then there is the weight loss..... 10 pounds in two weeks! and counting....

more pics to come from this upcoming weekend! YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
tashasita's Purple wedding
 |  Ottawa, ON, Canada  |  07/04/2010  | 
HA HA you're so funny! Everything will work out hon! :) It's normal to be a bit frazzled.

Have a blast at your Bachelorette!

10 pounds in 2 weeks? AMAZING! what are you doing?
deneanrae's Blue wedding
 |  Red deer, AB, Canada  |  07/04/2010  | 
thanks tashasita!!!! Im doing jenny craig..... I had to find something that fit my lifestyle. I have a lot of weight to lose so not paleo diet was gonna cut it lol. We will see tho!
prncss173's Black wedding
 |  Reno, NV, USA  |  07/04/2010  | 
You are hilarious!  Congrats on the two months...I hit 6 months and feel like I am going to pee my pants I am so excited all the time!  Sucks about the bridesmaids...sometimes they just don't get it, but it will all be amazing!
macbride's Orange wedding
 |  Hamilton, ON, Canada  |  07/04/2010  | 
Lol I love your picture :); you're hilarious. That's awesome that FH showed a little emotion this weekend about the wedding. Good luck getting the table numbers done and losing that 10 pounds!
tashasita's Purple wedding
 |  Ottawa, ON, Canada  |  07/04/2010  | 
That's great girl! Nothing is for everyone lol and the Paleo diet, as great as it is, is not either. FOR SURE LOL!
alohabride2010's Blue wedding
 |  Fremont, CA, USA  |  07/04/2010  | 
aww Denean!  I love the picture..you are funny..
But i understand that it is soo slose for you and that is a good sign that hubby is getting emotional...my husband started to have remarks like that at about the 2-3 month mark also:)
Have fun at your shower and bachelorette..it will be a blast and congrats on the 10 pounds!  That is amazing..but wither way you will look fabulous...  Enjoy the final months..!
heathermae's Pink wedding
 |  Waterford, MI, USA  |  07/04/2010  | 
I DID NOT even realize it was 2 months until I read it, and I was like wow 2 months is close.. I wonder when ours is, and then I realized your date is the same as mine!! Ahh..
loveatthebeach's Blue wedding
 |  Portsmouth, NH, USA  |  07/05/2010  | 
You will definitely get everything done and I'm sure it will all come together! :) I love the pics and congrats on losing the 10 pounds!!
cre8tive's Blue wedding
 |  Ramona, CA, USA  |  07/05/2010  | 
Woohoo! 10 pounds in two weeks?  That is amazing!  Saw your comment on the page where someone was interested in the card box I did for Shannon's wedding..man I am going to hire you as my PR person, but can best friends work well together?  LOL

I can not believe how fast time is going, it just seemed like it was 4 months to go for your wedding, yikes! Remember, don't sweat the small stuff.  Shoes on bridesmaids are not going to make or break the wedding.  I thought you said you didn't do DIY stuff!  You do a great job.  Oh, and I forgot if I  commented on your mom's card box, so dang cute and sweet of her.
deneanrae's Blue wedding
 |  Red deer, AB, Canada  |  07/05/2010  | 
lol @cre8tive.....Thanks! im just your personal cheer leader! you helped me so much. not only with all the items you made but also with alll your support and advice. If you went into the wedding planning buisness and I was a cali bride I might have to hire you haha. Also, the shoes wont stress me out too much... they are just being difficult. they are the ones buying them tho.... i thought about just getting some for them but then id have to do that for all....and thats too much money! im already getting them mani's and jewelerry and more. Thanks again!
rainbowdream's Pink wedding
 |  Spokane, WA, USA  |  07/05/2010  | 
Wooo hooo 60 days that means 73 for me eeeeeeeeeekkkkkkk! i agree im happy but all tangled up inside.Rarrrrrrr we can do it.Good luck on ur hair trial .Post pics plz!!!
jennyfur's Black wedding
 |  Mississauga, ON, Canada  |  07/07/2010  | 
I hear ya sista!!!  you're mind is running a million times per minute, so much to think about, so much to do!  aaaaaaaaaaa.  We get hitched this weekend and I'm trying VERY hard to remain calm!!!  deep breaths girl!!!!  Its going to be a beautiful day ;)
jennyfur's Black wedding
 |  Mississauga, ON, Canada  |  07/07/2010  | 
btw nice pic!!!  haha...made me laugh
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