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DIY Wedding
I've been working....

or slacking! whatever the case may be I need to get moving faster!!

I started making my card box. Ive assembled everything except the top. I just used picture frames from Michaels and 'L' brackets and hot glued it together. I will show finished pictures when its totally done.

My $2 guest book I decided to spruce it up a little with some rhinestones. I like it. I might add a rhinestone buckle where it ties. I still need to do the Name card for us, I might include a picture.
's  wedding
 |  Hamilton, ON, Canada  |  10/15/2009  | 
Very cool idea for the money box!!  I've never seen that before, I just might do that myself!
sweetlatina's Purple wedding
 |  West haven, CT, USA  |  10/15/2009  | 
I can't wait to see what your finished card box looks like. Your guest book is cute! :)
cherry268's Chocolate wedding
 |  Ponchatoula, LA, USA  |  11/08/2009  | 
Imagine if you will a lazy susan on the bottom of this, but make it smaller (3x4).  That's what we have for our centerpieces!  We have a glass in the center to hold our flowers (red roses) and I think it's great.  If you haven't come up with centerpieces, I think these would be beautiful!  Congrats, for DIY, it's amazing!
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