This is cuppycake1's Pink Wedding!

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Veils seem to be really really expensive for some reason! Does anyone know a place to buy them for discounted besides ebay?! Any help would be appreciated :)!.
Wedding Invitation
I made a sample of what the invitation will look like :). I only paid $30 for all the materials needed to make 150 of them , I love DIY!
wedding 004
wedding 004
flower girl baskets
serving knife
wedding 004flower girl basketsserving knife
DIY Wedding
flower girl baskets, flutes, serving knife, bouquet
I had a little extra time the other day. So I made my flower girl baskets. They turned out better than expected. I spray painted them black and then tied hot pink ribbon on them. The flutes and serving knife I tied black ribbon on them. I also made my bouquet. I really want to keep my bouquet forever so I decided to do silk flowers. I was estatic about how they turned out :)!
videos 010
videos 010
Wedding Dress
Finally Got It :)
I finally got my dress. Woohoo! It fits like a glove. It didnt have to be hemmed or anything. Plus, I had all my bridesmaids go with me so Davids Bridal gave me a $100 off my dress and gave my bridesmaids $20 off of theirs :)!
Wedding Dress
I found a new dress thats better than the last!
Yesterday my MOH, my Mary Kay recruiter and I went dress shopping at Davids Bridal. I tired on 2 dresses and instantly knew which one what "the one". Everyone there could tell I was esatic and glowing in my dress! Even the girl trying on dresses next to me loved the dress so much on me that she asked if she could try it on too. and guess what?! that was the dress she chose for her special day too! I will post pics of me wearing it in a bit...but for is the davids bridal picture of it!

oh! and also yesterday I bought my flower girl baskets..I got both of them for $4. Gotta love Hobby Lobby clearance!

and I went and ordered the tuxes! YAY!
bridesmaids dress
bridesmaids dress
flower girl
bridesmaids dressflower girlPink Bridesmaids Dresses!
So I found my bridesmaids dresses! I took my MOH and one of my flower girls to Davids Bridal Sunday afternoon. We had gone to look at dress my MOH and I LOVED but once she tried it on...She hated it. SO I am super glad we didnt order it before trying it on. However, She tried on a few other dresses that she really liked! Well, we found the one my bridesmaids were going to wear.

I also had my flower girl try on dresses. We found one that looked exactly like the bridesmaids dress. I was really excited and it looked soooo cute my flower girl! But I was upset once I found out they dont make it in any of my colors...not even black! SO we are looking online for similar dresses!
Pink Wedding Cake
Pink Wedding CakePink Wedding CakePink Wedding CakePink Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake
I cant pick a cake!

I know I want it pink and black..but that is as far as I have gotten!

I went to a bridal show a couple of months ago and saw this zebra striped cake with hot pink flowers cascading down! it was gorgeous!
I went on the bakers website but the cake isnt on there :(. And I dont want to call them for a tasting because I will not be using them! I get my wedding cake for free..My fiance's grandma is a cake decorator soo that is her gift to us.

I also like the cakes to the left...AHH! SO many choices.

For some reason I am really getting into the zebra print ideas for my wedding as well as feather...Do these 2 go together or will they clash too much?!
So my MOH was over at my house helping me brain storm last night on ideas for my wedding.

I told her I wanted something different from everyone else for my centerpieces.

We came up with feathers. They are soft flowing and ever so elegant.

I want it exactly like the picture to the left but hot pink feathers on the outside and black feathers in the middle!

Tell me whatcha think?!
Wedding Flowers
Pink carnations
So I have decided on my flowers.

Pink Carnations.

Here is a picture of what my bouquet is going to look like
Pink Wedding Dress Its gone..forever?!
Wedding Dress
Its gone..forever?!
So I went to Davids Bridal a couple of months ago and I tried on the dress of my dreams. It was the last one in the store and in my size. I couldnt afford it though. I called everyone I knew of that would possibly be able to lend me the money. No one could do it. Thats dress has since been discontinued! Now I cant seem to find it anywhere. I know for a fact this is the one because no other dress compares. :(


5 years since wedding
Lauren Austin
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Sep 19, 2009
Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Raleigh Methodist Church
My wedding colors are hot pink, silver, and black, The Groom and I are middle school sweethearts. We chose Sept. 19th because it is in between our fav. seasons ..summer and fall. The wedding is going to be a classic fairytale.
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