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my family...
my family...
Wedding Dress
im so happy...
i went and orded my dress this week i only have to pay $399.00 in total inluding alterations shipping and every thing... i cant wait until it comes in...
if my kids only knew
if my kids only knew
GM clothes
i figured it out
ok so i had a talk with my FH and we decided that since the girls are all wearing all lack dresses the men and boys will all have black long sleave shirts with black jeans (not slacks per his request) also be wants them all to wear black boots or shoes bot the fancy shiney ones he says. and they will eiher ALL wear shades or none at all even a cowboy hat its ALL or no one... but for him im not to sure what i can make him wear that he dosnt blend in with them but that kinda matches the dress and the boys at the same time. and iv also decided that the ribbon on the roses will match the mens rose ribbon that will hopefully match my dress color. and we will just take the ribbons off be fore we throw the flowers into the ocean after all of our picures that day. but i know that that can be bought later because i cat do the roses until the day befor or the morning of... geest i hope this all comes out ok... let me know what you think of my ideas... thanks a bunch...
me and my dress...
me and my dress...
Wedding Dress
ok i found it
Ok so here it is i found my dress that i found and it is form fitn cuz lets face it im not size 3...LOL ok well this is it and the only thing that i am going to change is the band is going to be emerald green and the corcet in the back will be the same green. and it is only $399.99 I think i can do that...hahahah
This is so us...
This is so us...
hahaha this was funny
JaH aND KoTY-Lee
DiXie Lee MY MoH
TiaNa, Me, & KaLei
Me, eiLeeN, DiXie, & JaYLYNN
TRiNa BeeNa
CoReY, KoTY-Lee, KoBi BoY, aVa
This is so us...hahaha this was funnyWeNDY aND iJaH aND KoTY-LeeGaRReTTKuRT (WeNDYS FH)DiXie Lee MY MoHKaLei MY SiSTERMoNaKoTY-LeeWYTLee aND JaYLYNNMiCHeLLeTiaNa, Me, & KaLeiJaYLYNN & aVaJaYLYNN & PaPaMe, eiLeeN, DiXie, & JaYLYNNSaMMY aND RYaNCoRiNaMy MoMMYTRiNa BeeNaMiKeYCoReY, KoTY-Lee, KoBi BoY, aVa
Many Different things
names and much more...
Ok so with the help of my fren who sits across of me. iv kinda decided... i guess i will have 11Bm 11Gm 4FG 2RB holly shit im nuts... ok but the good thing is that for flowers iv decided that im giving them all one flower and after we are done they are all going to be thrown into the ocean where coreys moms body was never found and where his dads ashes were thrown. well of course after all of the pictures and all... and for my board im going to put up pics from his side... his mom and dad and ill ake one from my side whitch is olny my grandpa... i think that will work... i really didnt want it to be this big but i guess its going to be because of course i cant see me having this day with out any one of them in it with me...
so here it goes it guess...

MOH: Dixie Lee ( My best friend )
BM: Wendy ( My best friend )
BM: Mona ( My best friend )
BM: Tiana ( My best friend )
BM: Eileen ( My best friend )
BM: MIchelle ( My best friend )
BM: Sammi ( My best friend )
BM: Kalei ( My sister )
BM: Jah ( My best friend )
BM: Corina ( Corey's sister )
BM: Trina (Jaylynns Babysitter a the arena)

BM: Kobi Boy (Corey's Son)
GM: Michael (Corey's Cousin)
GM: Kaleo (Corey's Friend)
GM: Garrett (Corey's Friend)
GM: Matt (Corey's Friend)
GM: Mikey (Corey's Cousin)
GM: Kurt (Coreys Friend also Wendys FH)
GM: Paole (Coreys cousin)
GM: Michael (Michelle's so)

Flower Girls:
Jaylynn (My daughter)
Ava (Cory's Daughter)
Wytlee (Wendy & Kurt's Daughter)
Taieena (Mona & Matt Daughter)

Ring Berers:
Cody-Jo (Mona & Matts Son)
Koty-Lee (Our Son)
Im not havn it...
Im not havn it...
oh me oh my...
Ok so this past weekend we went on a long drive and on this drive we were talking about our wedding (which we never do) and i was telling him the whole black dress thing and i am still having a really hard time to pick who i want to have on the court.. so he comes up with you are the best thing that ever happend to me you can have as many as you want on the court...yah but thats the thing i was going through my list yestarday and i have 10 BM but he said that as many as i have girls he will have enough guys to match up with... oh yah and i will have 2 flower gurls and 2 ring bearers... but i dont know. and i thought that wendy was nuts with having 9 BM 1JR 2 FG 1 RB....
DaDDY aND THe KiDS aT THe BeaCH...
DaDDY aND THe KiDS aT THe BeaCH...
Ok i have to vent a lil... i didnt want a wedding party because i have so many GOOD frenz that i didnt want to leave any one out. ok so between my sister and coreys sister and my frends i come up with like 10 i cant not put one of them in my wedding and not the others... i dont know what to do. I love them all so much and i dont want to leave any of them out but..... its getting WAY to big. i havent even told corey how many people i will probobly have on my court all because i know that he will freak out and tell me hell no... iv decided to go with the whole black dress idea that i was given but still this is going to turn out to be way to big and way to expencive for me now i dont know what to do... Oh yah and by the way have i mentioned that my parents dont know that we are getting married yet... not because they would care but just because i dont know how to tell them... im really bad at things like that... May be for christmas my dad would be expecting me to tell him im pregnent more then im getting married.(iv told him for christmas for both of my kids). But i just dont know what to do... i mean its not like im buying dea dresses or n e thing but... it was supposed to be small and now its turning out to be just way to big for me to handel and is not ending up the way that i wanted it to be... now if i had my way i wouldnt even have any body just so that i didt end up in this situation... oh yah and not to mention where we are getting married is all lava rocks and its not very flat... can any one help me... as of right now they all know they ned a black dress but not to be in my wedding but they think they need it to atend my wedding... besides the wedding is on a Wenesday and the recepion is on Saturday so thats another thing i dont know how that is going to work with having such a huge court as well... im having issues now and im staring to go crazy over this... HELP ME!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!! well thank you for listining hahahah...
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LiKe SerIouSLeY ... Do You THiNK iT iS WRoNG oR iT WouLD Be WRoNG To aSK PeOPLe To Be oN MY CouRT aND KeeP iT SiMPLe. LiKe JeaNS aND a SHiRT? aNY SuGeSTioNS? i ReaLLY CaNT aFFoRD To HaVE DReSSeS MaDe oR THiNGS LiKe THat... So PLeaSe LeT Me KNoW WHaT You THiNK... THaNKS a BuNCH...
Sassy lil Jaylynn
Sassy lil Jaylynn
Daddy and Koty-Lee
Our princess
Holo Holo butt Koty-Lee
Sassy lil JaylynnDaddy and Koty-LeeOur princessHolo Holo butt Koty-Lee
The Kids...
Here is our lil fam bam...
ok i see every ones lil pics of their kids so i had to put up mine... ok well my daughter is 4 and shes going on 26 hahaha... and our son is 6 months and he is a grumpy old man... hope you guys like them...
Green Wedding Photography WeNDY N Me
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Wedding Photography
THiS MaY SeeM FuNNY BuT SHe HaS BeeN THeIR SiNCe THe BeGiNiNG... FRoM BeiNG THe FiRST oNe To FiND ouT i WaS PReGNeNT WiTH My SoN To BeiNG THeRe WHeN We WeRe MaKiNG THiS a JoKe... aND NoW He DeCiDeD THaT He ReaLLY WaNTS To... THiS iS WeNDY iF i WaS HaViNG a WeDDiNG PaRTY SHe WouLD Be iN iT. So iNSTeaD SHe WiLL Be THe PHoTOGeRPHer... oH YaH BY THe WaY WeNDY CaN u PLeaSe... HaHaHaHa
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My First blog....
oK JuST GeTTN STaRTD N DoNT ReaLLY KNoW WHaT To Do... LeTS See i HaVe 2 KiDS. N CoReY N i WiLL Be ToGeTHeR FoR aBouT 2 YeaRS oR SO... iT STaRTeD oFF aS a DRuNKN NiGHT N NoW We R 2GeTHeR..HaHaHa... He RaiSeS MY DauGHTeR aS HiS oWN. He NeVeR WaNTD TO GeT MaRRieD BuT FoR SoMe ReaSoN KNoW He DoeS... aND i aM HaPPY THaT He DoeS... aND HiS FaMiLY iS HaPPY aS WeLL... uM ouR SoN iS 6 MoNTHS oLD aND ouR DauGHTeR iS 4 YeaRS oLD... i CaNT aFFoRD a WeDDiNG CouRT So i aM NoT HaViNG N e 1... BeCauSe i HaVe So MaNY FReNS i JuST CaNT CHooSe...


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