Blue Wedding Rings And Jewelry
Blue Wedding Rings And JewelryBlue Wedding Rings And Jewelry

Wedding Rings And Jewelry

Here is my ring!! I love it, simple yet elegant!
stefanie13's Red wedding
 |  Indianapolis, IN, USA  |  10/19/2009  | 
Very beautiful!
cjolley20's Blue wedding
 |   |  10/19/2009  | 
Thank you!! I love it! I have had a hard time finding a band for it though.  I wanted something with some bling but my fingers are so small nothing looks right so we are just going with regular white gold bands, or I am he is getting Tungsten
tunatuna's Yellow wedding
 |  Portland, OR, USA  |  10/19/2009  | 
Beautiful!  i also have a princess cut solitaire so I'm a huge fan =)  We had the same problem (and still do since we havent bought our bands yet).  I also have small fingers and I had a hard time finding something that will look good with this ring. I tried on some pretty simple bands with just a small thing of channeled diamonds and they seem to look okay...
's  wedding
 |  Cocoa, FL, USA  |  10/19/2009  | 
Lovely! Simple elegance is always a good choice.
sarahdarling's Black wedding
 |  Toronto, ON, Canada  |  10/19/2009  | 
just gorgeous!!
beccaed2010's Pink wedding
 |  Kill devil hills, NC, USA  |  11/25/2009  | 
Your ring is beautiful!! May will be here soon :)
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I finally found my shoes and jewelry!!!!!
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