Green Wedding Dress final fitting
Green Wedding Dress final fittingGreen Wedding Dress final fittinghaircollage1lsmoky-eye-editedsmoky-eye-editedMULarge

Wedding Dress
final fitting

Perfect! I'm sooo happy!

I've decided i want my hair similar to the photo here, i may not have so much pulled back though, and slightly softer on my face. Also, i want my eyes similar to these pics! Got to sort make up out next!!!
poshbride's Blue wedding
 |  Newport news, VA, USA  |  04/30/2009  | 
Love it! It looks great.
Do you have a skirt on underneath?

My dress is similar and I am trying to
figure out if I should go with a skirt or not.

I love the way yours is fitting!
cheekymissbride's Green wedding
 |  Brighton, East sussex, United kingdom  |  04/30/2009  | 
Yeah i do, :-)  for me, the dress looks better with it! looked fuller.  Depends what style you're after though! :-) xx
amyi444's Red wedding
 |  Genoa, Escaldes-engordany, Italy  |  04/30/2009  | 
you're glowing!  you look beautiful :)
purplenat1's Purple wedding
 |  Lafayette, IN, USA  |  04/30/2009  | 
You look fantastic. Those mermaid dresses do not look good on many people, but it suits you perfectly. Great choice.
's  wedding
 |  Cocoa, FL, USA  |  04/30/2009  | 
I absolutely LOVE the skirt! The fullness looks so fabulous on you!
mrsbraziel's Red wedding
 |  Houston, TX, USA  |  04/30/2009  | 
You look beautiful in your dress!
futuremrsniemann's Black wedding
 |  Round rock, TX, USA  |  04/30/2009  | 
You look so beautiful!! This is the PERFECT Dress!!!  YaY!!
tiggre99's Red wedding
 |  Herndon, VA, USA  |  04/30/2009  | 
It looks great on you!   I have a maggie as well and it's a similar style (Amara Royale in Scarlet!)  I love how it looks.  YAY!
cheekymissbride's Green wedding
 |  Brighton, East sussex, United kingdom  |  04/30/2009  | 
I LOVE the Amara Royale, i remember looking for dresses one day when i was younger and dreaming about the day and that was the one i loved, i think it's amazing!  esp in Scarlet.  In the end though i saw Jovi and fell in love with it and wouldn't change it for the world.  I LOVE Maggies dresses, they are all amazing!   bet you'll look amazing!x
's  wedding
 |  Penn valley, CA, USA  |  04/30/2009  | 
this is beautiful!
futuresloan's Black wedding
 |  USA  |  04/30/2009  | 
I got goosebumps!! You look amazing! He is going to love it!
shana831's Chocolate wedding
 |  Albany, NY, USA  |  04/30/2009  | 
Wow you look great in that dress!
futuremrsweikle's Pink wedding
 |  Newnan, GA, USA  |  04/30/2009  | 
Where did you get your crinoline? I can't find one that will give me that kind of fullness! I too am wearing a mermaid style dress and I need the perceft crinoline.
cheekymissbride's Green wedding
 |  Cardiff, Cardiff, United kingdom  |  04/30/2009  | 
I got mine from the shop where i bought the dress, Alsion Jayne, Cardiff.  It's just the standard one there i assume, cost quite a bit, but i wanted it to be perfect.   Most of them should provide fullness, mine isn't huge, it's the way you pull the dresses layers out also though, cos you can make it fuller that way also.  :-) sorry i can't be of much help! xx
futuremrsweikle's Pink wedding
 |  Fayetteville, GA, USA  |  04/30/2009  | 
Thanks for trying to help me anyway! You are BEAUTIFUL in that dress! I think it's perfect for your body.
nellyney's  wedding
 |  Fort lauderdale, FL, USA  |  05/04/2009  | 
Your dress is perfectly fitted. They did a very good job. I love the hair it matches the look you are going for very dream mermaid t like.
saneem's Pink wedding
 |  Nanaimo, BC, Canada  |  05/06/2009  | 
beautiful dress!
's  wedding
 |  Melbourne, Andorra la vella, Australia  |  05/11/2009  | 
cheekymissbride's Green wedding
 |  Reading, Reading, United kingdom  |  05/12/2009  | 
It's the Ivory :-)
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