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Today's the day! In a couple of hours I will be meeting my MOH for our first wedding dress shopping trip but right now I'm a ball of emotions. We're both former pageant gals (go figure!) so it's not like this is the first time we've been to a dress store. We've both been through the stress & tears that it took to find the perfect pageant gowns, but I'm still anxious about today's adventure.

I suppose what worries me the most is the difference in the dresses. Wedding dresses have a different look & feel than the typical pageant gowns- no nude bodices, no high slits, & definately not as much bling. Not to mention the fact that I'm not definately not the same size now as I was during my pageant days. It's not that I miss the pageant world (heck no!), it's just that today I'm treading a new path to the "white room" of gowns.

After years of trying on Sherri Hill, Jovanni, & Tony Bowls, I'm just hoping that I don't have a nervous breakdown while adjusting to a new look & feel of cuts, fabrics, & trains. Wish me luck!
sugarr2518's Pink wedding
 |  Jesup, IA, USA  |  06/07/2011  | 
Have fun and enjoy the day!
savagehart's Black wedding
 |  Rocklin, CA, USA  |  06/07/2011  | 
Don't ever think it! Just go in there, try on EVERYTHING and have so much fun!!!!
savagehart's Black wedding
 |  Rocklin, CA, USA  |  06/07/2011  | 
*Over think it , not ever think, sorry!
cbabb1's Black wedding
 |  Greeneville, TN, USA  |  06/08/2011  | 
Thanks! The day turned out just fine. We went to two stores & I found a strong possibility at the first store. I tried on several dresses that I thought I liked online, but didn't like them once I put them on. The dress I ended up loving was something that I wouldn't have expected to look good. I've got a few months to decide so I'm going to keep looking because I didn't feel ready to commit on the first day.
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